Aug 31, 2010

When there's a half-hour wait on a Monday morning...

It better be damn good.

Are you drooling yet?

The sugar-cured bacon blew my mind. I'm actually not really a huge fan of bacon (don't judge!) but I could probably eat a plate of this stuff. I don't know what else I can really say about the blueberry pancakes that hasn't been raved about by others already. Although most people probably think the warm maple butter was the shining glory of the plate, I actually preferred good old regular maple syrup. As much as I love sugar and butter, I don't like when a butter flavor is so detectable. The savory dishes that other diners were ordering looked promising too.

Sigh, I already want to go back.

Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant | 4 Clinton St.


  1. Gah! Not even midnight here, and now I want breakfast!

    I'm gonna get fat(ter) reading your blog.

  2. you're making me miss nyc...sigh. love the font that you've been using - it's very you :)

  3. the food looks really delicious! can't imagine what the wait is like on weekends!

  4. I've walked past that place a thousand times and have never gone in - good to know about!