Dec 26, 2016

Wardrobe basics: the almond-toe black boot

It's been a while since I've put out one of these wardrobe basics posts, but this year flew by so quickly that I didn't even realize it. I recently snatched up these boots after they were marked down 60%, and I've been living in them since. They are at that sweet spot of a heel that's chunky and low enough to walk in all day. I also love the slight pointed toe, "almond" if you will. I also recently cycled out my Acne Loma boots because they were too aggressively pointy for my tastes and started to feel a void in my closet as they were my main black walking boot.

Here are some other great options at all price points:
-Ok, this is me just trolling, because these boots are the price of a used car. Terrifying. But if you have the budget and want real alligator and not just "alligator or croc-effect", I suppose that's the price to pay.
-This pair is a great dupe for the Altuzarra ones I picked up, and they're also on sale! They have a square toe, which I've also really been into recently.
-Well, these are SICK (and also on sale). I love how they look like traditional wingtip brogues from above but totally aren't from the side.
-Your best bet under $250. I'm all about that extra chunky heel.
-If you want an even lower heel, but not a completely flat boot, I like the simplicity of this pair from my favorite sneaker brand.

Other details: Saint Laurent varsity jacket // Assembly New York tee // AG jeans (these are probably my favorite jeans ever and they are on sale!) // Loewe bag and charm

Dec 18, 2016

Auberge du soleil

This post comes over six months late, but it felt fitting as we've had the dreariest dark days in NY recently. And when the sun already sets so early now, the grayness is just extra depressing. I came across a folder of these images from my trip Northern California on my desktop and wanted to share because the colors and light made me happy. I hope they'll also transport you to a place of warmth and sunshine.

Photographed at Auberge du Soleil

Dec 5, 2016

The world of Loewe

Last month, I hopped a plane to Madrid for a scant 48 hours to immerse myself in Jonathan Anderson's Loewe and get a glimpse of his vision for the brand's future. The shiny new flagship store was just about to open and there was much cause for celebration. Ever since my first Loewe purchase - a bright green elephant coin purse - I've followed the brand with great interest and continue to be awed at their brilliant output. Don't even get me started on how Jonathan Anderson is only 32 and doing all that he does (ughh).

I started a crazy day with a quick tour of the Loewe factory in Getafe, a city in the south of the Madrid metropolitan area. As an avid consumer of luxury goods (guilty), I always find it gratifying to see a bit of the process and craftsmanship that go into these goods and really realize why they cost what they do. At the factory, we chatted about how no matter what kind of color changes and processes are done to the leather, the heritage is always there. The materials are true to themselves. Under Anderson's direction and mixing new ideas with classic heritage, the results are elegant but edgy, and this manifests in a clear way in his designs. Here's a peek at the making of the popular puzzle bag.

That afternoon, I poked my head around the not-yet-opened flagship store. It's situated in the Salamanca district in a landmarked 19th-century building, spread over three floors, and roughly 1000 sqm in size. Sounds like a recipe for a masterpiece. Besides the colorful eye-candy accessory merchandising and beautiful afternoon light, there are also a number of art pieces that are housed in the space. From the agate ceiling to the Spanish limestone details to some original British antiques, the store is more of a discovery cultural experience than just a shopping destination.

I was trigger-happy all over the store - every angle was photogenic. Then I got distracted and ended up picking up a hammock bag in cobalt blue. I had seen it on a few of the other journalists on the trip and thought it was incredibly versatile and beautiful. I'm an easy sell apparently. I absolutely love it though.

Later that night, after returning to the store for more celebrations, we made our way to the Real Jardin Botanico, where we toasted to the opening of the 'Loewe: Past, Present, Future' exhibition. I could not get over the room filled with Steven Meisel's photos of flowers. The arrangements were stunning, and the photos and framing sure did them justice. The other part of the exhibition consisted of collaged walls and floors as well as a selection of objects and accessories from Loewe's archives and current designs.

I am excited to see where Anderson takes the brand and have no doubt he has some innovative and fun surprises planned for the future.

Calle Serrano 34
Madrid, Spain