Feb 26, 2016

A paperclip for giants

Today's Friday's Detail features a brass paperclip from the studio of Carl Auböck. I've been eying this guy forever and finally bought one at The Line as a pick-me-up. It gleams so beautifully in the light; though, I've learned the hard way that it can cause scratches or leave black marks if you actually use it as a paperclip! So I'll just rest it on the page as more of a paperweight instead.

I've also included this in my swoon worthy list for the lovely Athena's site, Eye Swoon. There's a little fun q+a with me in there too!

Feb 23, 2016

61 degrees in February

Here in NY, we enjoyed a balmy 61 degrees this past Saturday, aka no-socks-needed weather. I took the opportunity to bare my ankles and break in my new slides, which are amusingly named 'Alicek slide loafers'. It's also been a while since I've worn a simple white shirt (mostly because my clumsiness has gotten way worse and if I can get through a meal without a stain, it's a huge victory). This one here is from Margaret Howell and has a nice boyfriend fit without looking too oversized.

I have to rave about these jeans too and vent about the ridiculous (self-inflicted) ordeal I went through in settling on a size for them. I've been hunting for the right pair of high-rise distressed boyfriend jeans for the longest time. All of my old ones were super low-rise and I've since purged them all from my closet, because low-rise is just not a cut that works for my proportions. I've ordered and returned countless pairs that didn't work for me. Finally, I saw these online and immediately ordered them in a 24, my usual size. After trying them on, I decided that they were too uncomfortable when I sat down in them. They fit everywhere else just fine but were tight in the hips. So back in the mail they went, and I ordered a 25. Those felt pretty good, much looser in the hips/waist for sure, buuut also almost too loose in the thighs. I figured I'd keep them for a week or two and try them on every so often to see if I still felt good about them. I think all my trying them on stretched them out because a week into owning them, I could stick out the waist a good 2 inches when I tugged on it. Gah! Yet I remember the 24s being so darn tight. So why was the difference between just one size up and down so significant?

I finally went into the damn AG store in Soho to try them on and ask a sales associate's opinion. He said never to size up for comfort with their jeans because they do break in and get baggy. Well ok then! Bought the 24 in store along with the same cut in this lighter wash, went back home and packed up the 25 to return. I'm pretty lazy about in-store shopping so I do tend to do most of my clothing purchases online, but with jeans, it's just so hard to know!

In other news, I've been sporting new glasses lately, courtesy of David Kind. What I love is that they can add nosepads to the styles (I'm wearing the Richmond here), and my very flat Asian nose definitely appreciates that. It was almost too warm for this Everlane wool trench but perfect weather to do the half-slip-off-one-shoulder blogger look. I can't help but play into that because it really does reveal your outfit underneath better, but no one pulls it off like the masters Margaret and Shini.


Jeans // Coat c/o // Glasses c/o // Slides // Shirt (a similar option)

Feb 21, 2016

Travel Essentials, Illustrated

The lovely Clémence of Beauty and Well Being published a little illustrated bit on some of my travel essentials. I wanted to share it here since it's so darn cute.

Illustration by Blue Logan

Nothing up there should really come as a surprise – at the time I was listing the items, I was reading Sloane Crosley's The Clasp, though I will say I much prefer her non-fiction writing. I can't go anywhere without this powder; it's more of a daily essential than just a travel one. You all probably know by now my travel camera is a Sony A7R II. It costs a pretty penny but the quality you get for the portability of it makes it completely worth it. I'm currently waiting for the new Sony G series lenses so I can finally get a good 24-70mm for this guy (just take all my money, Sony). The facial oil from Drunk Elephant is a saving grace on long haul flights and NYC winters. My dopp kit isn't complete without at least two lipsticks from Tom Ford (specifically the matte ones), which are still the longest lasting of all the lipsticks I've tried. And of course, I can't forget to pack a scent – you can't go wrong with Le Labo's Santal 33, and a pair of sunglasses (usually a "cheap" pair because I've lost too many to count on travels...).

Feb 18, 2016

An instant classic

The sentiment I shared earlier last week about bomber jackets being made by everyone is the same that I feel about saddle bags this season. This is a shape I really love for its simplicity, elegance, and functionality. The newly-launched saddle bag by Cuyana immediately caught my eye and I knew I had to get my hands on one. I've long admired Cuyana products for their quality and attention to detail. Their version of this bag is beautiful and sleek, and I'm a sucker for anything in a smooth Vachetta leather, as I imagine the color will deepen with use and gain so much more character. The bag also comes in a mini size (but it fits an iPhone 6s plus!) which is extra charming.

Feb 12, 2016

Iris Hantverk Brush Set

Not that I needed an excuse to share this little tool that makes me really happy with you, but the Friday's Detail series felt like a perfect way to introduce it. I've been mainly using this brush on my kitchen counter to clean up coffee grinds. My grinder tends to make a mess and this brush is much chic-er and more economical than wasting paper towels every day to wipe the counters. I think it's so beautifully designed that I'm more than happy to leave it on my counter as almost an art object. If only all cleaning utensils could be so functional AND easy on the eyes.

Feb 11, 2016

Wardrobe basics: the bomber jacket

Is it just me, or has pretty much every brand out there released a version of the MA-1 bomber jacket this season? I'm not complaining because I've recently converted to loving the style and think it's a super versatile and comfortable piece to own as a staple.

[Old Uniqlo bomber // Ankle Boots // Jeans // Tee]

The one I'm wearing here is actually a circa 2013 men's Uniqlo piece that hasn't been available for a while, but it's surprisingly warm and was perfect for a recent flight where I went from freezing-ass NY to warm Mexico. It allowed me to forgo wearing a heavy coat that would have been completely unnecessary for the destination.

But I've scoured the Internet and picked a few current options in this style (with gratuitous commentary below):
-The olive color of this one got my attention – I only wish the back weren't ribbed!
-Another olive option that I really love. The silhouette is different from the classic but I'm into it.
-If you want to shop the men's section, this one looks pretty similar to the one I'm wearing and has simple clean lines.
-A classic version from the brand that mainstreamed the style.
-And for the person who has an unlimited budget, THIS one by Vetements is far too cool. I actually tried it on recently and it feels pretty glorious to the touch.

Now if only it were warm enough to wear them right now...

Feb 5, 2016

Mustard and navy

In an effort to create more content and keep my creative juices flowing, I have come up with these mini-series like this one and this new one launching today, called Friday's detail. Who knows if I'll fail and end up with a bunch of one-post things that don't make a proper series, but I'm definitely trying. Below is a recent favorite color combination of mine, manifested in this skirt that looks more like Marni than Cos and this ribbed mid-sleeved sweater.

Feb 1, 2016

Wake up wright

No, that's not a typo up there – it's all my bedding dreams come true. I was recently introduced to Wright, a design-focused mattress label that also sells quality bedding products. I never really thought about how the mattress industry needed a little disrupting, but all the recent mattress companies that have entered the market seem to prove otherwise. I've tried a number of them out, including Leesa and Casper, but I prefer a really firm and hard mattress (I would sleep on a wood platform if I could) and neither of those offerings were firm enough for me. My current mattress was a generous hand-me-down from a good friend to tide me over when I moved into my new place last year. But I thought it was time to get a bit more serious about what I was spending nearly 1/3 of my life lying on.

Enter the Wright mattress. After two weeks or so of testing it out, I've been very happy with the amount of support it gives. It's firm but also feels like a cloud, the best of both worlds really. On the downside, getting out of bed in the morning is just a bit harder now. I won't bore you with the technical specs, as I'm not exactly an expert on mattress materials, but you can read all about the nitty gritty on the product specs page.

What I love about the Wright pillows is they fluff up nicely for show, but sink down for just-right neck support. I've had my fair share of struggles with trying out various pillows because I almost feel like I don't need a real one – I just want a log-shaped thing that fits right under my neck so my head can be aligned with my spine. The one I had half-considered and loved was from ABC Home and, like, $300 each (yikes). The comforter has been a dream so far too, but I'll have a better idea of how it holds up once I use it for longer. I've had to toss so many old cheap comforters because they either clump up or become as thin as bed sheets.

All of the Wright products, including the comforter and pillows, are made in the USA with carefully sourced materials. If you happen to be in NY, you can check out their showroom at 188 Lafayette and really feel their products in person.

In these photos: Stella McCartney cami (15% off with code JETAIME) and shorts (on sale!) // Also love this friendly-on-the-wallet silk sleep set

Disclosure: Lingered Upon received gifted products from Wright, but this is not a sponsored post.