Mar 30, 2012

In front of the lens

As some of you may have already seen, I've made a little cameo appearance on Nicole's blog for this awesome wallet giveaway by Stitch & Hammer. I was happy to "model" with the wallet while Nicole worked her magic. See the rest of her photos on her blog and enter the giveaway!

A number of you were wondering where the rings were from. It turns out this particular pack has been sold out, but there is still a great alternative here (and on sale too!).

And finally, a quick phone snap of our remains. The marble tables at OST Cafe were perfect for our needs. :)

Mar 28, 2012


Shot some fantastic dishes over at Gwynnett St. for this Serious Eats review. This place is well worth a visit! I mean, just LOOK at that duck.

Mar 26, 2012


I'm in the middle of what may be the busiest photography week I've ever had. This is GREAT but I have like five knots in my back and shoulders and I can feel my wrists tingling with a bit of numbness. My office is a bit of a warzone at the moment, as I carved out some space to have a little makeshift studio. Blogging will slow down a bit until i've caught up in life.

For now, two sunset photos from Clark's Landing in Point Pleasant Beach from Friday evening, where the wedding was. I wish I were actually outside for these. These were taken behind glass windows so I did the best I could to avoid reflections.

Crazy clouds in this second shot, eh?

Mar 22, 2012

Shootin' flats

I love a good excuse to get a pair of comfortable flats and with the looming wedding season ahead, I decided my beat up Sperrys that I wore to death last year should have a little break. In comes the classic Bloch ballet flat. I've already walked miles in these babies this week to test out their endurance. A little blister on the first day, but it looks like they'll do the job quite well.

(Oh yes, it's the Fuji 3000b again.)

They come in a ton of fun colors, but I stuck with "Atoms" which is a nice nude gray color. I'm quite tempted to get the hot coral though... We'll see how they do tomorrow, for my first wedding of the season. Let the season begin!

Mar 21, 2012

Coffee with michelle

A few weeks ago, I grabbed coffee with Michelle aka gold-hearted girl. I have long admired her lovely rope and stone jewelry designs. I can't remember how we originally "met" online, but I was thrilled to discover that she was now living in Brooklyn. I am always up for meeting anyone from my online world in person (though I think my non-blogger and non-freelance friends still find this very odd :P). We chatted over coffee at Au Breve and I grabbed a few shots of her.

All taken at f1.2. I rarely get to shoot wide open these days (food doesn't look so great when you only see a sliver of focus!), but I think it can still look good in portraits.

Mar 20, 2012

New orleans hotel

Just a few details + mirror selfie from our room in the French Quarter, taken on the Minolta x370s.

Mar 19, 2012

Perry St

Perry St may be one of the prettiest restaurants I have ever laid eyes on. I almost gasped upon entering the light-filled space. It's pretty much how I'd want my dream apartment to look - clean, modern, natural colors and a nice mix of wood and leather. The hanging lightbulbs add a nice industrial kick. The restaurant also has a fantastic view of the west side - can you just imagine sitting in these lounge chairs sipping one of these drinks and watching the sunset? Are you swooning yet?

I was over there last week to shoot some of their new cocktails for Serious Eats (see the article here) and couldn't resist grabbing a few shots of the interior.

That Barcelona bench... those wooden side tables... sigh.

Mar 18, 2012

A happy windowsill

I decked out one of our windowsills with these little succulents this past week. They were too cute to resist. I started with three on Wednesday, wasn't satisfied enough, so proceeded to add four more to the collection yesterday. All but one came from the Union Square Greenmarket.

These photos were taken on the Contax and polaroid back with Fuji FP-3000b film (and what a fun film this is!).

Mar 15, 2012

A charming new orleans

More film photos from New Orleans. (I know, I almost forgot about them too. It feels like so long ago.) I shot a lot of buildings...

Mar 14, 2012

A cat's life

Yeah, it's a tough one... lounging on this windowsill and plotting what to break next. :P

The black and white one has got to be my fave.

Mar 13, 2012

Signs of spring

Spring has just about arrived to Tompkins Square Park...

Mar 12, 2012

Still house

This Monday has felt a bit off for me; maybe it's the time change, maybe it's the traumatic dentist experience I had in the morning, or maybe I've just got a bad case of the Mondays. In any case, I've got these great little goods from Still House I wanted to share. It's always dangerous going there - a teeny tiny, well-curated shop way too close to my apartment. It's hard to walk out empty handed.

I've got what I think is a "black thumb," so no guarantees to how long this moss-in-flask will last, but the owner kindly said she'd give me new moss should I kill this one...

I was also drawn to this (petrified?) coral and thought it'd be a cute accent piece on a desk or side table. This mini planner is perfect for my needs and I had been looking for a back up to my Google calendar. Finally, there was a pile of beautiful cut-out prints that I immediately knew I wanted. It would've been impossible to choose based on design alone, but J and I both thought the color of this frame was particularly nice. :) I found out the artist is Molly M and based in San Francisco. She has some seriously beautiful stuff in her shop.

Mar 9, 2012

Sunny afternoon at toby's estate coffee

Toby's Estate Coffee in Williamsburg looks like it's the new hip place to "coffice" it up. I finally managed to pop in on a crazy sunny afternoon. It was almost a little too warm to sit in the direct sun there - I should have opted for an iced drink! The cafe is spacious and has better light than any coffee shop I can really think of. Well-decorated but maintaining a clean aesthetic, it is a fantastic place to shoot in. I was already scheming up plans to take a coffee-loving couple here some day for their engagement portraits...

Besides being just a great cafe to linger in, Toby's offers free cupping classes and they roast on premise. Nicole recently did an awesome post on their roasting process here.

Not to be confused with the above Nicole, this Nicole (pictured here in a hat made from coffee sacks!) is part of Toby's management team. I met her she ran Dora down in the Lower East Side. It was nice to see her again!

After a bit of a health scare Wednesday night, I think I'm gonna seek some TLC and R&R in the suburbs this weekend. Despite it being only 45 mins away, I haven't been home to my parents since Thanksgiving. I'm definitely overdue for a visit. Hope your weekends are swell - hey, pay a visit to Toby's if you can!