Mar 21, 2012

Coffee with michelle

A few weeks ago, I grabbed coffee with Michelle aka gold-hearted girl. I have long admired her lovely rope and stone jewelry designs. I can't remember how we originally "met" online, but I was thrilled to discover that she was now living in Brooklyn. I am always up for meeting anyone from my online world in person (though I think my non-blogger and non-freelance friends still find this very odd :P). We chatted over coffee at Au Breve and I grabbed a few shots of her.

All taken at f1.2. I rarely get to shoot wide open these days (food doesn't look so great when you only see a sliver of focus!), but I think it can still look good in portraits.


  1. Great pictures! And her outfit is so cute. Love her bracelets. :)

  2. nice pictures! Au Breve is in my school building, Cooper Union too!

  3. Ohh I was just thinking the lighting is gorgeous! :) I'm all for making friends through blogging and meeting up with them in real life too! It's probably the main draw for blogging for me.

  4. mmkay i love her scarf and bracelets. lovely portraits.

    also, yay for meeting online folks in real life! :)

  5. love this girl and love your pictures!