Feb 25, 2013


It's been a hectic few days, scrambling to meet a few deadlines before I leave for Iceland (!). I'm heading on a food press trip that my pal, Nicole, was unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts. So, lucky me! I have a love-hate relationship with travel; while I very much look forward to the new experiences and amazing photo opportunities of every trip I take, I am a nervous traveler and have serious flight anxiety (yeah, I know it's silly). Not to mention, the mad rush to get a large chunk of work done before definitely takes its toll on my physical well-being. AND not to mention being in stuck in lurching traffic on the way to JFK. Damn logistics.

Well, I'll need to become a better traveler, because I still have quite a bit of it ahead for me in 2013. And of course, I don't mean to sound ungrateful for the travel experiences, just that I wish I were better at not being so damn worrisome over it all.

For now, a photo from lunch with Nicole at Dumont. When the couple next to us got up to leave, we both instantly reached for our phones, wanting to capture the perfect imperfect beauty of lunch remains. So much of what I shoot gets fussed and styled with; it's wonderful when I find a scene just beautiful as is. (My iPhone version here; Nicole's here; SLR version below).

I hope to sneak in a post or two from Iceland. Until then!

Feb 21, 2013

Glass Shop

I don't find myself in the Crown Heights area too often, but I was happy to be turned to this new-to-me coffee shop yesterday. I was at another shoot nearby and naturally, the topic of coffee came up and I mentioned enjoying Crosby Coffee. I was told Glass Shop was another neighborhood gem, so I popped on over. Glass Shop has been open for much longer (over three years) than Crosby Coffee, and has probably really seen the neighborhood change over those years. They serve La Colombe coffee as well as an enticing selection of pastries. And the interior, as you'll see, is just my cup of tea.

Feb 20, 2013

On Rue Chapon

I wonder if all Paris trips will feel like a blur/dream. Now that I'm back at my desk, I look at these photos and I wonder did that really happen? These were taken after an over-the-top lunch at L'Ambroisie, a place that set a new bar and frame of reference in my mind for what classic French cooking is really about. In one way, it was a learning experience and while I am no expert on the matter, I now feel like I have experienced what may be the best French cooking in the world. But I digress. Forgive me, but this post is much more superficial than a discussion of that meal — it is what we wore to that meal. I bring you a long overdue contribution to my his & hers series.

His: Suit - J.Crew // Shoes - Alden for J. Crew // Shirt - CEGO // Pocket Square - Some Hawaii joint
Hers: Coat - J.Crew // Scarf - Everlane // Pants - Zara // Shirt - J.Crew // Jacket - J.Crew // Shoes - Louboutin // Bag - Givenchy // Sunglasses - Illesteva

Feb 14, 2013

On eating alone

As much as I enjoy sharing meals with others and in groups, I very much enjoy it in solitude as well. Some may do it once in a while out of necessity, but I seek it out and look forward to taking myself out. I'm sure this desire is fueled by my introversion — I find it so nice to just sit back, observe other patrons in the restaurant, take in all the details of the space, and not have to share my food (kidding on that one!). Yesterday, I was in between shoots around lunch time and knew I wanted to go to Rosemary's. I love their focaccia and simple, but well-prepared dishes.

Is it strange that I find more beauty in the messy remains?

The bar area is kinda a dream space with its mix of subway tile, marble, wood, and of course, the hanging copper pots.

I am actually leaving for Paris tonight, so expect a little break on Lingered Upon. Much to come when I return!

Feb 7, 2013

Cold Weather Uniform

Brrr. Our heat has been out since yesterday and I'm typing this with nearly-numb fingers. This winter, I've been wearing an iteration of the same outfit almost every day. Some button-up shirt with some neutral-colored sweater, dark jeans, ankle boots. What else is one to wear these days? I still walk a lot during the winter and that means I need to be comfortable and warm. These looser fitting upper garments are also conducive to schlepping around camera gear and shooting itself.

This particular iteration includes a Club Monaco cashmere sweater (such a luxury), Zara button-up I've worn to pieces, Madewell Skinny Ankle jeans, and Rag & Bone Harrow ankle boots (erm, I may have added to my ankle boot collection since you last saw it).

Here's to hoping someone comes to fix my heat!

Feb 5, 2013

New Work / Uppercase

I had the pleasure of shooting two stories for Issue 16 of Uppercase Magazine a few months ago. The first was a feature on Makalé Faber-Cullen. Then I got to visit a handful of creatives' spaces while I was at the Old American Can Factory and shoot the artists and their spaces. Below is just a peek and some outtakes, though you can also view the whole issue (and the full five-page spread :)) in a small web-sized resolution here (. I encourage you to find a print copy though!

Makalé's feature above. And some snippets from the Old American Can Factory below.

Feb 1, 2013

New Work / The Simple Things

Remember how I oohed and aahed over The Fat Radish during my first visit and sorta bemoaned the fact that I only had my iPhone camera on me? Well, I luckily got to go back and shoot it properly, for The Simple Things magazine. The issue is out now and you can get it in print or iPad. Or take a peek here!

There's a peek of the story below as well. Many thanks to my friend Joyce for lunching with me and being a wonderful hand model. And many thanks to The Fat Radish for accommodating us!