Apr 26, 2016

Reinvent Obsession

A few weeks ago, I was invited to preview a special product launch from HP; all I knew was that it was a highly anticipated laptop and that I wouldn't be allowed to share photos of the actual product until its release. The suspense was high. I snapchatted from the event, doing my best to quickly whiz by the actual product; if I couldn't avoid it, I'd draw blue squiggly lines all over it. I was being a bit of a tease for sure. If you haven't heard the news by now, the product that launched was the Spectre laptop, HP's new luxury PC inspired by the idea of reinventing obsession.

I am all about the details and was genuinely surprised by how much thought was put into this laptop's design. (To be honest, my last real memories of HP involved a printer I had in middle school, and it was only all about practicality and not so much design back then!) For one, it's the thinnest laptop in the world and probably weighs less than my burrito bowl lunch somedays. There's a nifty hinge that makes for a sleek clean look. You can geek out over the technical specs on the product page if you'd like. I was also drawn to the more minimal logo design that was made to differentiate this line of products.

But the most apparent design feature that got my attention was the color scheme – a mix of ash-colored matte aluminum with a glossy copper trim. It was clearly a theme played up at the reveal event as well. Coincidentally my shoes with their copper/rose gold inlay in the heel totally matched the new product. I obviously had no idea what I was in for that night, so it was extra fun to discover this. I guess you could say I'm obsessed with the idea of copper accents. Now I just need to find more clothing items that incorporate that!

We were in for more discovery that night with the reveal of two special designer collaborations. There's a nice 'making of' video featuring the two artists and how they really reinvented the base laptop. I personally have met Jess a few times and love her aesthetic.

In collaboration with HP

Apr 22, 2016

Oh, J.W. Anderson

I'm well hitched onto the Jonathan Anderson bandwagon and among the many in his fan club. He may be one of my favorite designers at the moment. The stuff is pricey, but not in the way that make your eyes bug out and has you wondering, who buys this shit?? When I paid a visit to The Apartment by The Line the other day, I couldn't help but walk away with this striped ruffle sleeve top (um, and a pair of nude suede loafers, but we'll save that for another day). It's just fun and totally different from anything in my wardrobe. I love the bell shaped sleeve as well. And don't even get me started on Loewe; I want ALL OF THE THINGS. I snatched up this clutch recently at the Loewe at Madrid Airport and am super happy with it.

Other details: rings by Kat Kim New York, necklace by Still House, lip gloss from NARS, shoes from Maryam Nassir Zadeh, denim from Madewell

If you're looking for some other options for a ruffle sleeve party, here are a variety:
- The same top as above but in pink!
- A nice casual version at a friendly price point.
- An off the shoulder option in the prettiest shade of nude/pink that I'm currently really digging.
- Hello to this fun mini dress with ruffle hems abound.
- I've been eying this tiered sleeve top – I hate that kind of tier on the main body, but love it on the sleeve.

Apr 20, 2016

Things finished ii

It's been a while since my first post in this series, but it's surprisingly hard to finish products when you're constantly trying new ones! But these above were all just finished in the last week or so. I just read The Nest on the plane back from a short trip in Italy – highly recommend. I loved the character development throughout and I got pretty instantly hooked on the story.

I also tend to use this Själ face mask after getting back from travels and am so sad to be out of it. It does exfoliate a bit (which I hear many mixed thoughts about these days) but it's still gentle and leaves my skin feeling much brighter and awake. The smell is nice too, which is always a bonus.

You may already know my love for the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor (as I mentioned it here in an old beauty essentials post). I've tried to scrape out as much as I possibly could, but now the tiny nubbin is just leaving crazy streaks across my brows. It's time for a new one.

And finally, I've squeezed the last drop from my First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream tube. I've also talked about this brand in my previous "things finished" post but I really am a fan of multiple products from their line. I kept this by the bedside and would use it at night for extra hydration.

I have to say, it's very satisfying to actually finish products. I think it's partially because now I get to move on to something new!

Apr 19, 2016

Breezy classics

I'm excited to be working with Eileen Fisher for Earth Day this year to share their ethos of eco-minded and socially conscious fashion. Their clothing is not only extremely comfortable (and in my preferred neutral hues), but their Spring collection is 80% sustainable. They also have a great section on the site titled "Behind the Label" where you can read about their sustainability initiatives and production practices.

Here I'm wearing the Sheer Silk Georgette top over the Washable Stretch Crepe pant.

And a bonus – if you take their Eco Quiz about your Earth Day Style, you may win a $1000 gift card. The quiz takes less than a minute of your time, so why not enter??

Apr 15, 2016

Side Eyes

Today's Friday's Detail features a playful little coin/key purse from Anya Hindmarch. Her products just make me happy, and I can't argue with that. I love anything that can make the inside of my bag a bit cheerier and more organized (not to mention protect the smooth interior leather of some of my bags from getting scratched by keys).

I'm all about trying to find the best deals when it comes to international designers – if you don't mind international shipping, this is the best online price for the little guy. And though Matches doesn't have the exact model, they have some very cute other options that are over 30% less than U.S. prices.

Apr 11, 2016

Happy Anniversary, Montblanc

Last Tuesday, Montblanc celebrated its 110th year anniversary and launched several new special products. I had the privilege of photographing some of these products before their release, including the Rouge et Noir fountain pen and 110 Year Anniversary Steamer Bag. The serpent, a nod to the Maison's past, is a recurring motif among the collection, representing power, mystery, rebirth and renewal, as well as desire.

Among the events on Tuesday was a breakfast at The Pierre hotel where I gawked at the views from the Presidential Suite, had my portrait illustrated, briefly wore a real live snake necklace, and scribbled test notes with a variety of nib and pen weights (now I want a super fancy pen – if only my handwriting were remotely worthy of one).

Outfit details: Skirt // Bodysuit // Pumps

At night, I donned a (borrowed) Narciso Rodriquez dress and headed to the Rockefeller Center for the gala. When a night starts with sunset views over downtown Manhattan, it can't really go wrong. The rest of the night followed in beautiful form, and guests were really immersed in the brand's history, present, and future.

You can read more about the story and inspirations behind the Rouge et Noir collection here. And if you're a Hugh Jackman fan (and who isn't?), do watch this video where he rings in the anniversary celebration.

In collaboration with Montblanc

Apr 6, 2016

Tea at Three

A few friends and I got together recently to throw ourselves an afternoon tea party. We've all had our fair share of afternoon tea programs in the city and beyond, but how nice would it be to treat ourselves to one at home? Kristy was of course the mastermind behind the menu, which included four tea sandwiches, scones, and two delightful pastries. We were super lucky to work with Mud Australia in getting some beautiful ceramics for our tea. I personally own more Mud than I'd like to admit (it's a very slippery slope that started about 3 years ago for me) so it's a brand that I've loved for a while now.

Whether for yourself or for a tea-lover friend, the teas by Silver Needle Tea Co. would be an elegant addition to your collection. The tins are super lovely and have a really nice feel to them (hey the details are important!). Our outfits were provided by LIE. There are so many new arrivals I love, including these fun wide-legged pants – I'll take one in every color. Feel free to use my code 'LINGEREDUPON' for 10% off your purchase at either shop.

If you're in NY and haven't yet checked out the Mud shop, you should! It's at 91 Crosby St. in SoHo. But don't blame me if you start down that slope to a Mud addiction.

And finally, do check out everyone else's take on the afternoon: Kathy // Jee // Kristy