Feb 22, 2017


Hello, new favorite silk shirt under $100. It's a lovely thicker silk with some heft, to hold up to the wear I'll be putting into it. (p.s. size up for a more relaxed fit like I did.)

I'm also fully embracing my inner nerd with these glasses, which I had ordered months and months ago, but I made the mistake of getting my prescription filled online and via a UK site (as the prices were slightly cheaper). That was a terrible mistake. Long story short, I had to get them re-fitted with new lenses to match where the center of my pupils actually fell on the lens. I put it off for the longest time because I knew I would eat the cost I originally paid for the lenses (over $350) and have to pay for new lenses (my local place cut me a 'deal' and they were still $400 – I have a pretty awful prescription so I have to get the thinnest ones available). Two lessons I learned from this: never get prescription lenses online; and prescription lenses are not a place in life to try and save money on!

Feb 20, 2017


Not really. But that's what a friend jokingly dubbed this outfit as, so I'll run with it. This was definitely one of those outfits I hesitated to actually wear out, and I definitely texted at least three friends asking if it looked completely ridiculous. But it was 62 degrees again and so I thought why the hell not.

ft. Uniqlo blouson jacket // FRAME denim jacket // FRAME belt // Everlane lace-ups (so comfortable and love the rubber-like sole)

Feb 14, 2017


On the very last day of the Agnes Martin exhibition at the Guggenheim, I raced over faster than I could finish my morning cup of coffee. It was one of those things I kept putting off or saying oh I'll see it next week, and then next week, and then next week... and suddenly it was the last day. Her work makes me feel a sense of calm, yet imagining how she created some of her more intensive and larger grids makes my head spin.

I didn't take that many photos of the artwork because I couldn't do them justice and I couldn't convey the feeling Martin would want her viewers to have, which is to "have the same feelings they experience when they look at a landscape.... It's really about the feeling of beauty and freedom that you experience in a landscape."

ft. Protagonist suit (not available yet, but in searching for other windowpane pieces, I came across this linen top that is so Agnes Martin and would be quite lovely for summer) // Maryam Nassir Zadeh pumps // Cartier LOVE bracelets // Still House ring

Feb 10, 2017

62 in February

It was a glorious 62 degrees on Wednesday, a completely unseasonal high before the snowstorm the very next day. I took advantage with these spring-like layers and no socks. I've clearly been into the khaki green/burgundy combo lately.

ft. Sézane jacket // Comme Des Garcons PLAY hoodie // Want Les Essentiels bag // Frame jeans // Gucci slides

Feb 8, 2017

Function and style

Lightweight, durable, and supremely functional – all words I would use to describe MZ Wallace bags. I get a lot of questions on what are my favorite camera bags and how do I travel with my gear, and I actually don't use any fancy camera bags or rollers at all. Instead I pop an insert like this one into my MZ Wallace metro tote (shown here is a large). Any additional lenses that don't fit in the insert, I wrap in these guys and toss along the side of the insert. But these totes are extremely versatile and when I'm not using them to tote my camera gear, I use them for clothing/shoes as well as to transport props between my apartment and studio. In NY, I feel like I don't go a single day without seeing at least one person with a metro tote walking around. They make for amazing gym bags, as well as great extra bags for those trips where you might bring home more than you originally left with, as they literally fold up into a tiny pouch.

I recently photographed a little travel feature showcasing a few of these great travel bags in situ at the lovely EDITION Hotel in New York.

The garment bag is super chic and would be perfect for those travels where you might be bringing something fancy (or a suit). It can also be easily folded or rolled. Given my lack of storage space, I love anything that can take up as small a footprint as possible when stored.

The Frankie travel bag (shown below) comes with a detachable pouch (shown above) that is ideal for holding toiletries or other small bits and bobs. It's currently holding my favorite hand cream, a good comb, perfume, and some själ skincare goods.

This bag not only has a million (okay, eight) exterior pockets, but the interior also fits my laptop (13" macbook pro) which is so key for any "personal item" I bring on flights. I always want easy access to my laptop so I don't have to go digging in my carry-on for it. I've also comfortably fit a few small magazines, my external hard drive, and my Smythson planner. Bonus: there's an exterior pocket on the Frankie that allows the bag to slide over the handles of any luggage, so you don't have to worry about it falling over.

With the large metro tote also comes a set of detachable pouches in varying sizes, which of course is useful for keeping extra organized. In addition to using them for toiletries, I tend to use these pouches for things like chargers, batteries, and cables to keep them all in one place.

All set to go!

In collaboration with MZ Wallace

Feb 4, 2017


If you've seen me at all in the past few weeks, chances are I was wearing this sweater. I love the thick chunky knit and olive green color. I've been pairing it a lot with my camel colored coat, and love how it looks with burgundy as well.

ft. ÖHLIND sweater (similar, under $50) // Khaite jeans // Gucci slides // J.W. Hulme Co bag (similar, canteen-style for $70)

Feb 2, 2017

In the mood

Channeling my best Dutch Masters light over here. I have shot this blue velvet sofa to death, but it continues to surprise me in a good way.

ft. Vince skirt // Protagonist camisole // Cartier LOVE bracelet