Jul 26, 2016

Dia:Beacon Revisited

You may remember my first Dia:Beacon post from about a year ago. A second visit this past weekend proved to be just as inspiring, if not more so. The "green room" by Dan Flavin (actually called untitled (to you, Heiner, with admiration and affection)) was the strangest alternate reality in that your brain is so overloaded with green that it tricks you into seeing purple. There's a window in that room and when I looked outside after my eyes adjusted, the trees, sky, and grass appeared purple. Crazy. I continue to admire the work of Agnes Martin, Fred Sandback, Sol LeWitt, Robert Ryman, Blinky Palermo, and Richard Serra (works pictured below).

Wearing //
Tank - T by Alexander Wang (but have you seen the new luxe drape collection from Everlane? Hello, this is a great dupe for a fraction of the price.)
Jeans - AG
Flats - Tabitha Simmons (velvet version)
Straw bag - Doen

Jul 20, 2016

7 Outfits in Paris

A few weeks ago, I packed my bags and headed back to the city I spend the most time in outside of NY (Paris, duh). I was shooting a little guide for Lo & Sons, which just launched yesterday. There's a bunch of old favorites in the guide but some new ones as well. Of course there's only so much I can cover in a few days, but you can always email me for a longer list.

I wanted to quickly compile the seven or so outfits worn and shot for the feature here. I totally repeated a few favorite pieces, because I travel too light and didn't realize how cold it was going to be. How I only packed one pair of jeans is beyond me, since that's what I usually live in! The bag featured is the Lo & Sons Pearl Crossbody, which proved to be an amazing and useful travel bag.

Everlane dress (So good and easy and friendly on the wallet that it's apparently sold out!) // Common Projects sneakers (The warm whites are still available in a few sizes here) // Zara denim jacket

Rag & Bone tee (Note: I sized up to a Medium in this. I totally need this in black too, as I've been living in it whenever possible.) // Acne jeans // Margiela boots // Larsson & Jennings watch

Opening Ceremony bomber (This is reversible so you'll see the other side in outfit 7!) // Zara tank (so so old, but this is a perfect black cami) // Horses Atelier pants (I had crazy alterations done to these, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend them. I've been eying this Madewell pair which seems much easier and literally costs less than the alterations I had done. Oy.)

Acne sweater // JCrew pants // Jimmy Choo pumps (old – here's a similar style.) // Olympus Pen F camera

Rag & Bone top (Can be worn with the back to the front as well!) // Horses Atelier pants

3x1 top (old, similar) // Madewell culottes (on sale!)

Opening Ceremony bomber (Yes, pink on the other side!) // Zara tank (repeat) // Acne jeans (repeat) // Common Projects sneakers (repeat) // Mykita x Margiela sunglasses

Jul 15, 2016

Summer mood

We've had a fairly mild summer so far, but who knows what August will bring. Though I have no immediate plans to get my ass to a beach, I've been dreaming about it (and by beach, I really mean the Italian Riviera with a vintage Fiat). One of these days...

But let's talk about some of my summer essentials in the meantime. A big straw tote with a cheery lemon embroidered on? Check. An easy beach read? Check. An acceptable way to wear pompoms on your feet? Got that too.

This lightweight dress from lemlem ticks off all the things you'd want in the summer – it's 100% cotton, bares the shoulders, and has a fun graphic print. And I love the tassel detail on this little suede pouch from Loeffler Randall. If you want a little more height from your summer sandals, this pair of espadrilles from S├ęzane is just easy, and comfortable.

And for the skin, I have to rave about a product that's fairly new to me. I was staring at a colleague's skin while in Veneto a few months ago and immediately needed to know her secrets. Despite having just gotten off a red eye earlier that day, she was glowing and looked unbelievably fresh. How?? This magical tinted moisturizer from Le Metier de Beaute was how. I tried it on in her room one night and realized I had to get my hands on it. No doubt it's a hefty price tag, but I try to only use it when I really need to impress (there's also a 2oz version that gets you slightly more bang for your buck). I love the dewy no-makeup look I get from it. The brand also makes these cream cheek/lip pots and I'm always a sucker for cream blushes for their easy application.

That was a mouthful so I'll try to keep the rest of this short. My legs rarely see the light of day, so I've been using this tinted leg cream whenever I do have to bare them. It adds a subtle shimmer to them as well. I really do try to avoid tanning at all, so a little bronzer action from NARS never hurts. The 'Beach Walk' fragrance by Margiela could not be more perfect for the summer. And if you did spend a little too much time in the sun, some 'After Sun' spritz should cool you down (definitely plan on keeping this bottle in the fridge for extra cooling!).

I'm a huge target of mosquitos so I've been using this travel-friendly spray from Aromaflage whenever I'm in mosquito territory. So far so good. Oh, and these mirrored sunglasses are from Shauns and have a funky feminine shape to them.

Ahh now back to figuring out how to make this Italian Riviera trip a reality.

P.S. You can hover over the first main image to get to the item links easily.

Jul 13, 2016

'90s Throwback

I'm admittedly quite late to the slip dress trend, but maybe because I'm not much of a dress person in general. In any case, I'm quite enjoying the slip dress as layering piece deal that's been making its rounds. It's just easy and I don't have to worry about flashing someone because of how low the slip dress is. It's casual enough but feels like I put just the right amount of effort in my outfit. Plus it's not so pajama-like this way.

There are sooo many slip dresses out there, but this particular one is a Matches exclusive. I've worn it like this (over my favorite tee), and also with a cropped bomber and sneakers for a super '90s look. For a less precious material but still a nice slinky feel to it, I love this dark olive number. Ooh, and how about this velvet version with a high slit? Very fun. Anyway, the options out there are endless, but a super simple silk black one never hurts to have.

P.S. You can find this Gucci belt here!

Jul 8, 2016

A Denmark must-visit

I'm not sure when the switch flipped and I started immensely caring about visiting modern art museums in each of the cities I traveled to (or maybe I'm just getting old), but it's something I really enjoy now. I'll gladly go a bit out of the way or out of the main city to spend half a day at a museum. And the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art isn't even that out of the way – just a quick train ride from Copenhagen and a pleasant walk from the station will get you there. I actually didn't get that many photos here because it was a bit of sensory overload – way too many amazing pieces to even attempt to photograph them all. The grounds are inspiring just to be on, and on a clear day, you can see Sweden across the water. Plus you can have a little picnic under a Calder. Dreamy, ain't it?

Wearing //
Jeans - Acne (30% off - these run 2 sizes small!)
Top - Everlane (sucker for any 'Blush' colored things)
Bag - Gucci (as if my penchant or obsession with green and blush weren't apparent enough)
Sneakers - Common Projects (though mine are the 'warm white' color)

I also wanted to mention that my friends at Journy are giving away an incredible Mexico City trip focused on food and design. Monday (7/11) is the last day to enter, so I would get on that if I were you!

Jul 6, 2016


The amount of photos getting slowly buried in my archives is giving me serious anxiety. So I'm trying to do something about it, starting with a few photos from a visit to Ordrupgaard, an art museum just outside of Copenhagen. I'd highly recommend a visit, because this is also where Finn Juhl's house is (!!). You can see a selection of my photos from the house on Cereal's online journal. Note that the Finn Juhl house is only open on weekends and holidays. I think I enjoyed the grounds around the museum and sculpture garden – which features works from one of my favorite artists, Jeppe Hein – a bit more than the museum exhibitions themselves, but it's completely still worth a visit. The Zaha Hadid portion of the building was added in 2005 and is quite a stark contrast to the original structure (both are beautiful though).

Wearing //
Jeans - Acne (literally my favorite pair in rotation right now)
Top - Elizabeth Suzann
Sunglasses - Self-Portrait x Le Specs
Sandals - Maryam Nassir Zadeh (exact pair! It was so hard to find these last year.)
Bag - Celine (in a killer blue)