Jul 8, 2016

A Denmark must-visit

I'm not sure when the switch flipped and I started immensely caring about visiting modern art museums in each of the cities I traveled to (or maybe I'm just getting old), but it's something I really enjoy now. I'll gladly go a bit out of the way or out of the main city to spend half a day at a museum. And the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art isn't even that out of the way – just a quick train ride from Copenhagen and a pleasant walk from the station will get you there. I actually didn't get that many photos here because it was a bit of sensory overload – way too many amazing pieces to even attempt to photograph them all. The grounds are inspiring just to be on, and on a clear day, you can see Sweden across the water. Plus you can have a little picnic under a Calder. Dreamy, ain't it?

Wearing //
Jeans - Acne (30% off - these run 2 sizes small!)
Top - Everlane (sucker for any 'Blush' colored things)
Bag - Gucci (as if my penchant or obsession with green and blush weren't apparent enough)
Sneakers - Common Projects (though mine are the 'warm white' color)

I also wanted to mention that my friends at Journy are giving away an incredible Mexico City trip focused on food and design. Monday (7/11) is the last day to enter, so I would get on that if I were you!


  1. Forever in awe of your style. Chic, meets tom boy, meets flipping on point ;)

  2. Love these photos! I visited Louisiana a few years ago and these really make me want to go back. It's such a unique and inspiring place.

    Maria / Moore of this

  3. I just need to know if those shoes are comfortable enough to justify the $400 price tag. Ouch.

  4. Yea it does sometimes get too overwhelmed by all the stunning art works in the museum. Will sure to check the museum out when I get the chance to go to Copenhagen! Btw, photos are as beautiful as always! xx


  5. I am planning on visiting Denmark at the end of August and I was looking for museums to visit. This post helps out a lot!