May 24, 2016

An essential from Zady

Meet the black silk shirtdress from Zady's signature collection. It's incredibly versatile, a perfect transitional piece, and a great blank canvas to build an outfit off. But besides all that good stuff, Zady's organic silk comes from India and is made both ethically and sustainably. Their process doesn't kill the silkworm nor use pesticides. The silk is dyed in a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified facility in India and then sewn in NYC.

If you're not familiar with Zady, they're all about transparency and sustainability in creating classic pieces with premium natural fibers and craftsmanship. Now that's a mission I can get behind. To get a better understanding of how clothing production impacts the environment, learn more about materials, etc. head on over to Zady's New Standard.

I'm very much a rolled-up sleeve, unbuttoned top kind of girl, so I went for the more casual look. But I would also love to use this as layering piece over a tee and wide-legged pants. It would be fun too to ditch the belt and go for the boxier silhouette. I also went for pared down accessories (sunglasses, clutch, watch), except for a little fun in the shoes.

In collaboration with Zady

May 19, 2016

Bring loose pants

...That is, if you're planning any kind of food-centric trip to Copenhagen. I recently got back from a trip that was just that. The awesome folks at Wonderful Copenhagen invited me and a few other US media to experience the "little brothers" of some of the Michelin-starred restaurants in the city. I had been to Copenhagen once before, but it was in February which might as well make it an entirely different city. I kept hearing about how the city comes alive in the warmer months, and I was eager to get back for more art and design (more on that in a later post), as well as for food and coffee of course.

Since I'm more about the visuals here, I'll leave you with this loose guide below. Some places I went on my own time, and some with the group. One of the more surprising finds for me was the ginger chicken congee at Grød, a place that specializes in porridge. Although it's mostly known as a breakfast spot, the savory dishes were what really interested me. I got my hands on the cookbook, which is filled with insanely beautiful photography. Now, I can hopefully make this congee on my own and report back...

Of course, it's not a complete 'Alice Gao' guide without a note on coffee. I've got you covered on that – don't miss the below places, especially Forloren which is a bit underrated compared to the others (which get written about much more). I went twice within like two hours one morning. The owner, Niels, is my kind of coffee geek. Have a chat with him and you'll probably learn a thing or two.

Thanks so much to Wonderful Copenhagen and Norwegian Air for making this trip possible.

May 14, 2016

The French way

You'll be hard pressed to find graphic tees or anything with words on them in my closet, but I couldn't help but be drawn to this one. Slouchy, incredibly soft, and machine-washable – how can you really argue with that? This warmer weather makes me want to live in light wash jeans, or this off-white pair from Levi's that I'm really into right now. I'm so glad the unfinished hem is a thing right now, because now I just hack off a few inches with a plain old scissor and let the hem fray as it will. Total petite girls victory.

Speaking of off-white, I recently retired my white pair of Common Projects and opted instead for the 'warm white'. It's a subtle difference, but just a bit softer. And you've seen this bag before, which started pure white and is now probably an off white from so much wear. Ay.

Shot in Copenhagen on a whim after finding the perfect car and a matching door right next to it.