Sep 21, 2016

This was one of those shoots that passed in a complete daze, and if I didn't have photos as proof it happened, I would have thought I imagined it all. With most of my shoots, the timeline is pretty short from start to finish, but with this one I felt like we had been talking hush hush about it forever and the anticipation was strong – I thought the dates would never actually come. The idea was to shoot the new Cactus de Cartier collection against the backdrop of a desert – at Amangiri, a place I've only dreamed of visiting.

I have immense gratitude that I can't even put into words for the ladies at Cartier who made this shoot possible and who trusted me to take on such a project. I recognize what a special opportunity this was and hope you'll get a feel for the desert light and palette that inspired these photos.

Sep 7, 2016


If you put an embroidered cat on your clothing item/accessory, chances are I'll be the easiest sell ever. I first spotted the long-sleeved version of this on Matches and immediately added it to the wishlist. Then I was in London over the past weekend and walked by the Bella Freud store by chance. I was afraid the sweater was a Matches exclusive but the boutique had this short-sleeved version. Done and done.

For other crazy cat ladies like me, you might also like this embroidered kitten boyfriend tee, or this poplin shirt. Oof I am such a sucker!

Culottes by ALC
Mules by By Far

Sep 1, 2016

A moment with La Prairie

For the launch of La Prairie's newest product in their Skin Caviar line, Essence-In-Lotion, I created a short video to highlight the beauty and ethos of the brand. Huge thanks to Jessi for being my muse and starring lady for this.

Please do watch with sound! I wanted to share some of my favorite stills from that day too. We were fighting some crazy weather. It'd go from four seconds of sun to twenty minutes of ominous clouds. By the time we went in for a lunch break, there was torrential rain for the whole rest of the day. So the few shots I got in during the sun are extra special to me.

Thank you to:
Her the Label for the perfect navy swimsuit, Brick & Wonder for the killer pool, and Piaule for the beautiful towel.

In collaboration with La Prairie