Feb 5, 2016

Mustard and navy

In an effort to create more content and keep my creative juices flowing, I have come up with these mini-series like this one and this new one launching today, called Friday's detail. Who knows if I'll fail and end up with a bunch of one-post things that don't make a proper series, but I'm definitely trying. Below is a recent favorite color combination of mine, manifested in this skirt that looks more like Marni than Cos and this ribbed mid-sleeved sweater.

Feb 1, 2016

Wake up wright

No, that's not a typo up there – it's all my bedding dreams come true. I was recently introduced to Wright, a design-focused mattress label that also sells quality bedding products. I never really thought about how the mattress industry needed a little disrupting, but all the recent mattress companies that have entered the market seem to prove otherwise. I've tried a number of them out, including Leesa and Casper, but I prefer a really firm and hard mattress (I would sleep on a wood platform if I could) and neither of those offerings were firm enough for me. My current mattress was a generous hand-me-down from a good friend to tide me over when I moved into my new place last year. But I thought it was time to get a bit more serious about what I was spending nearly 1/3 of my life lying on.

Enter the Wright mattress. After two weeks or so of testing it out, I've been very happy with the amount of support it gives. It's firm but also feels like a cloud, the best of both worlds really. On the downside, getting out of bed in the morning is just a bit harder now. I won't bore you with the technical specs, as I'm not exactly an expert on mattress materials, but you can read all about the nitty gritty on the product specs page.

What I love about the Wright pillows is they fluff up nicely for show, but sink down for just-right neck support. I've had my fair share of struggles with trying out various pillows because I almost feel like I don't need a real one – I just want a log-shaped thing that fits right under my neck so my head can be aligned with my spine. The one I had half-considered and loved was from ABC Home and, like, $300 each (yikes). The comforter has been a dream so far too, but I'll have a better idea of how it holds up once I use it for longer. I've had to toss so many old cheap comforters because they either clump up or become as thin as bed sheets.

All of the Wright products, including the comforter and pillows, are made in the USA with carefully sourced materials. If you happen to be in NY, you can check out their showroom at 188 Lafayette and really feel their products in person.

In these photos: Stella McCartney cami (15% off with code JETAIME) and shorts (on sale!) // Also love this friendly-on-the-wallet silk sleep set

Disclosure: Lingered Upon received gifted products from Wright, but this is not a sponsored post.

Jan 28, 2016

Endless sun

Though temperatures in NY have been a bit mild these past few days, I can't help but think back to the perfect 82 degree weather I experienced in Los Cabos recently. I'm not one to enjoy tanning or beach time per se, but I fell in love with the light and shadows this place offered. It was a truly dreamy escape from real life.

The perfect one-piece swimsuit (and more) // Celine Trotteur bag (in orange) // Easy go-to sandals // Nili Lotan dress/cover-up (similar) // Mykita 'Alice' sunglasses // Hermes silk scarf (beautiful secondhand options here)

Photographed at JW Marriott Los Cabos.