Jul 31, 2012

Jessica + Joseph

Earlier this month, I shot another wedding for Daniel Krieger under his brand as an associate photographer. It was held at Empellon Taqueria in the West Village - I must say I am loving these intimate restaurant weddings. I started in the Upper West Side where the lovely bride got ready. Jessica made her own bouquet out of heirloom and vintage jewelry pieces - how unique!

They had a quick sorta unplanned first look at Central Park. Then we headed down to the restaurant - I couldn't help but share a few of the silly group photos.

Then I whisked them away for a photo walk in the West Village, which is definitely one of my favorite neighborhoods to shoot in. Every street and turn, I see a great backdrop for a photo. It was a sticky humid day and Jessica and Joseph were the best sports ever. It was all laughs with them. Even my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much after this session.

We went back to the restaurant where the ceremony was held. They're still laughing!

They Skyped in a good friend who couldn't make it. Isn't technology great?

Jul 30, 2012

Rhode Island

I spent the weekend in Rhode Island with some of my favorite people in the world. It was a short and sweet trip filled with the ocean, rocks, M's mom's addictive spicy sauce, tons of seafood, and tons of Cards Against Humanity (what was life before this game??). I took a few photos on the x100 (below) and one of my favorite iPhone photos to date here.

Jul 26, 2012

For the love of eggs

I'm heading up to Stone Barns today am excited to see what they've got going on over there these days. The last time I went was last June, so I'm long overdue for a visit. It's been storming this morning and while I very much welcome the cloud and overcast for photos, I do hope the rain stops. For now, I leave you with these pretty speckled eggs.

Jul 24, 2012

In Dorset, VT

Went a little overboard and shot this same pink flower three ways. Portra 160 and the shade seem to go together muuuuch better (re: my complaining in previous post). There's another half roll shot of Vermont still sitting in my Contax that I just can't seem to finish off. Dontcha hate when that happens?

Jul 23, 2012

More on vermont

A few film images from our short Vermont trip - some from a nature trail we stumbled upon and most from Bromley Mountain, which (as you may have guessed) is normally a ski resort in the winter. These are all Portra 160 (my go-to film nowadays) and some converted to b/w. I was a bit disappointed with this set - I think largely due to the harsh sunlight I was shooting most of these in. I would try to wait for a bit of cloud cover but overall, it was just way too bright that day. I can only imagine what it'd be like shooting these scenes around sunset or golden hour... alas.

Jul 20, 2012

A weekend link for you

Issue 2 of Show Pony Mag is out and I'm pleased to present my little feature - the foodie top 5 for NYC. On these pages, I share five of my restaurant/cafe picks and what I like to order at them. Most of them are no stranger to Lingered Upon, but I did revisit each of them over the course of like, two days. It was some aggressive eating and snacking on my part! Do check out the rest of the magazine. I'm loving the boat story and photos on page 38.

This black bottom oatmeal pie from Four and Twenty Blackbirds is featured!

Jul 17, 2012

At the Dorset Farmers Market

Beautiful goods and produce on film at the Dorset Farmers Market in Vermont.

Jul 16, 2012

Crosby Coffee

Good morning! And hooray for a new cafe visit. I first heard of Crosby Coffee from Reed's awesome Instagram photo of it. I looked it up immediately and actually put it on my calendar for a Sunday visit. It was a bit of a schlep, especially as the F train was not behaving, but well worth it. It is quite a beautiful space, and I just love all the white with small pops of colors from miscellaneous tchotchkes and the many flowers around. Embarrassingly, I can't say anything about the coffee as I was sweltering and could only think of drinking an iced tea (which was great). J had a cortado but finished it before I could have a sip. Humph. They use Caffe Vita coffee, which I believe started roasting in Seattle. I would really love to have a space like this in the new neighborhood we're moving to.

On to the photos!

(This is a scheduled post as I'll be assisting on set today for a fashion lookbook shoot. Woot.)

Jul 13, 2012


I've been a terrible blogger this week. It was a stressful week dealing with a new lease and some negotiations that went nowhere. But I'll be saying goodbye to my beloved East Village soon and that is super sad. I'm thinking I may want to get a bike for quick access to Abra├žo...

I was hoping to have my Vermont film scans by today, but looks like they won't be making it. I'll leave you with an iPhone shot from Ovenly, the very cute pastry shop in Greenpoint.

I've got a full day tomorrow of work and some play, but Sunday I hope to rev up my creative juices again and do some personal shooting. I have a place in mind I must check out - will report back. :)

Jul 10, 2012

Weekend trip, via iPhone

When I saw that it was going to be 100+ degrees in the city this past weekend, my first instinct was to flee. And flee, we did. We took a train up to New Haven Saturday morning, and then rented a car to drive to Vermont (hey, rentals are much cheaper in New Haven). It was fun to do some driving on big open roads again. Vermont was almost exactly like how I imagined it - tons of barns, mountains, forests, wildflowers all along the streets, so much greenery, and actually quiet and dark at night. Looking up and actually seeing the stars is always so refreshing.

On the first day, we arrived at our bed & breakfast, then headed to Bryant House Restaurant for some grub. We checked out a nearby nature trail where lichen and ferns were aplenty. We had dinner at Solo Farm & Table. Quick backstory to this - you might know that my favorite restaurant in the city is Degustation. Well, the chef there (Wesley Genovart) left a bit ago and opened up this place in Vermont with his wife. J and I have been wanting to go ever since. Wes took us out to the garden behind the restaurant and we ate some peas right from it. They were the best peas we've ever tasted. On the drive back, there was this eerie mist swirling on pitch black streets. I half expected headless horsemen to come leaping out of the woods. Seriously.

Day two started with breakfast at our inn and playing with its friendly pets. The little siamese was probably no more than half the size of our Avedon. We hit the road again, checking out a farmers market along the way in Dorset and stopping by Bromley Mountain (normally a ski resort). The views were still beautiful in the summer time - I can only imagine what it's like all snow-covered. Before heading back, we made another pit stop at Olana, the home of artist Frederic Edwin Church, in Hudson, NY. We were too late for the tour of his home, but the site and grounds were still a treat.

Film photos to come. :)

Jul 9, 2012

These old things

You may not know this, but I buy a lot of used clothing. When I was in college, I spent a summer and a semester working at Buffalo Exchange in Philadelphia. I applied somewhat on a whim, went through three interview rounds (yes, three!), and finally got the job of a Buyer Trainee. That semester, I was taking six classes, working this 25 hour-a-week-job, plus working on campus as an Information Technology Manager. I had no social life; yet the busier I was, the more efficient I became and it was one of the best semesters I can remember. Sorry for the digression - I mean to say, I know the ways of the Buffalo. I now constantly clean out my closet, bring the goods to Buffalo to sell, and buy new things with my credit. I don't get attached to my clothes, and can be pretty brutal when cleaning things out. If I haven't worn something in a few months, it's going in the get-rid-of-pile. I hate hoarding clothes I don't wear.

Many people are intimidated by shopping at used clothing stores like Buffalo, but it's one of my favorite places to shop. You can get some killer deals on designer goods. I'm still kicking myself for not picking up the tiny Chanel bag that came in when I was working there. Recently, at the Chelsea location, I found this silk Club Monaco top that really screamed my name. If I could own a closet just full of neutral colored silk tops, I'd be quite happy. I also found this black jeweled necklace. I am already thinking I might wear this first combination to an Autumn wedding (skirt from James Perse, shoes from J.Crew). And the second is an example of a go-to uniform for slightly nicer events (pants from Gap, shoes from Louboutin).

Of course, I am also trying to get better at buying things that won't end up in the never-wear pile! Ah, it's a work in progress...

Jul 6, 2012

Coffee date at OST

Yesterday I met the lovely Sharon, whose Instagram photos I love, at one of my usual haunts in the neighborhood - OST Cafe. I am usually a bit shy about contacting others who I only "know" online, but once in a while I feel compelled to set up an in-person meet. We had a great time geeking out over the amazing evening light in the space. The newspapers on the wall allowed nice slivers of light to come through on that radiator. I loved Sharon's necklace and her 35mm Contax (so cute compared to my monstrous Connie!).

All shot on Fuji x100.

Well, happy weekend! I'm heading to Vermont for a very short getaway from the heat. We are actually mostly going for a particular restaurant... not that that should be surprising to any of you. :)

Jul 5, 2012

Lifestyle session

Back in May, I took some photos for Nancy, an editorial strategist and just an overall powerhouse in media/publishing, at her beautiful home just outside of the city.

We started with a few portraits.

Then she made a little lunch spread. And dessert. :)

And finally, just some snaps of her spaces. I love the pops of green in the rooms. And the bathtub is to die for.

Jul 2, 2012

Allison + Ryan

Back in May, I shot Allison and Ryan's engagement session in Hoboken, NJ and was pleasantly surprised at how charming Hoboken was (also pleasantly surprised at how ridiculously quick the PATH trip is). I especially loved its train station and would love to shoot another session there. Here are a few frames from their session. All film except for three digitals that I tried to hide in there. ;)

You may be seeing them again on here, as I'll be shooting their wedding in September.

In unrelated news, I am a pretty unhappy camper in the summer. How do people actually enjoy this season?? Sure the fruits and produce are great, but I constantly feel sticky and dehydrated and I sweat just walking a block. Ick. You bet I'm looking forward to Autumn already.