Aug 25, 2014

Paper & Clay Ceramics

I happened upon the Paper & Clay studio in Memphis by chance back in June, while we were driving around aimlessly early one morning. Since I only had a half day to spare there, I frantically called and emailed Brit McDaniel (the owner), hoping to stop in and shoot her space if she would be around. Brit was super sweet and welcomed us in, and even let me shoot her in action. I really admire what she's doing and was so happy to find this little space. Turns out my friend Kira (who has styled more than a handful of my shoots for me – including some of the ones on this blog) totally knew of her work already and had ordered things from her before. Hello, small world.

Brit makes beautiful, simple and modern pieces that are inspired by Scandinavian designs, plus she makes all of her glazes from scratch. You can find a selection of her work for purchase here.

[Shot for Lincoln Motor Company]

Paper & Clay
The Art Factory
777 South Cox #8
Memphis, TN 38104

Aug 17, 2014

Ode to white shirts

I've been on a huge white shirt kick recently, and now they're all I want or care to wear. For the longest time, I thought they were stuffy and connoted going on an interview at some financial institution. Now I look for an oversized fit, leave the top few buttons undone (who cares if a little peek of a pretty bra shows?), roll up the sleeves, and suddenly feel casual but put together and sophisticated at the same time. Here are two in particular that I've been wearing the hell out of in the past week.

This Theory shirt is just so easy. It's crisp, but not stiff, and there's a nice thickness to it that will make it appropriate for fall and so on. I'm always a fan of a little pocket detail as well.

A little less friendly on the wallet, this Acne version makes up for it by just feeling so nice to the touch. It's much thinner than the Theory, and way more oversized. It really does feel like you put on your boyfriend's shirt.

And for some more bang for your buck, Everlane's white cotton lawn and long-sleeve poplin would be my top picks for sure. I think if I had a whole closet with only white button ups, I wouldn't be angry at that...

Aug 12, 2014

Red Rocks Park

Earlier this month, I found myself in Denver again for a quick bachelorette weekend. This was no stereotypical bachelorette (thank goodness), and the ten of us spent a large chunk of the weekend at Red Rocks Park enjoying the outdoors and "hiking". I was clearly the most out of shape in the group, and I lagged behind a little to take photos and catch my breath.

I didn't even bring a second camera other than my phone on this trip, which was super refreshing. It was a clear blue day, but I thought the photos were more striking in black and white, allowing you to really focus on shapes, lines and textures. Plus, I admit it's hard to shoot landscapes at high noon in color. I can only imagine what this place looks like at golden hour!

Red Rocks Park
Jefferson County, CO 80401

Aug 5, 2014

Better from Scratch

I'm a bit behind on posting this, but I wanted to share a few images from a book called Better from Scratch that I shot last December in San Francisco for Weldon Owen Publishing. The book just came out about a month ago. It was so fun to work with the Weldon Owen team on this and food stylist Lillian Kang. Most of the photography in the book is from me, with a few other photographers' images mixed in. Below are some of my favorites. (If you do pick up a book, the cheesy crackers on page 44 were a total hit with all of us on set – not a single crumb was left over from those!)