Feb 10, 2017

62 in February

It was a glorious 62 degrees on Wednesday, a completely unseasonal high before the snowstorm the very next day. I took advantage with these spring-like layers and no socks. I've clearly been into the khaki green/burgundy combo lately.

ft. S├ęzane jacket // Comme Des Garcons PLAY hoodie // Want Les Essentiels bag // Frame jeans // Gucci slides


  1. what's your lipstick(brand and color code). It looks gorgeous on you.

    1. thanks!! it's the chanel "jumbo longwear lip crayon" in rose violine!

  2. i stood outside a Gucci store in charleston for about 15 minutes over the weekend desperately coveting those mules. i looked very sad and pathetic and yet, i just cannot pull the trigger with that price tag.