Mar 1, 2012

The cabildo | new orleans

On our last day in New Orleans, we wandered over to The Cabildo, a pretty grand building which was once the seat of colonial government and now a museum. I shot a bit of Portra 800 up there - they came out with a bit of a greenish cast that I attempted to remove here. I have not quite figured out how to wield this particular film stock...

The second floor, pictured below, was by far the most photogenic. The sunlight was killer - I wonder how it'd look on an overcast day. I bet the mood completely changes and my camera would have loved it even more. As for the museum itself, it was nice to see a bit of Louisiana state history, but I must admit that I generally sprint through museums, reading maybe a handful of captions at best.


  1. can I just say that I am so excited whenever I see a new post from you pop up in my google reader? beautiful photos, as always.

  2. gorgeous, love the first two & the stairwell

  3. I feel like these photos as a set work SO well. The vertical and horizontal lines really shine through. Gorgeous.

  4. i -just- discovered your blog (i've been an avid follower of all your beautiful pictures on instagram) & say to myself, "how did i not see this sooner?" your work is just gorgeous & i am always looking forward to what you'll be sharing next.

    it looks like i'll be visiting here now too. :)

  5. why am I not surprised these are film??


  6. New Orleans has has some European looks :) Love the first shot with the flags and the stairwell

    Enjoy your weekend ;)