Mar 12, 2012

Still house

This Monday has felt a bit off for me; maybe it's the time change, maybe it's the traumatic dentist experience I had in the morning, or maybe I've just got a bad case of the Mondays. In any case, I've got these great little goods from Still House I wanted to share. It's always dangerous going there - a teeny tiny, well-curated shop way too close to my apartment. It's hard to walk out empty handed.

I've got what I think is a "black thumb," so no guarantees to how long this moss-in-flask will last, but the owner kindly said she'd give me new moss should I kill this one...

I was also drawn to this (petrified?) coral and thought it'd be a cute accent piece on a desk or side table. This mini planner is perfect for my needs and I had been looking for a back up to my Google calendar. Finally, there was a pile of beautiful cut-out prints that I immediately knew I wanted. It would've been impossible to choose based on design alone, but J and I both thought the color of this frame was particularly nice. :) I found out the artist is Molly M and based in San Francisco. She has some seriously beautiful stuff in her shop.


  1. Great finds. There's a few little places here in London that I forbid myself to enter if it's too far from payday ;) Good luck with the flask plant!

  2. sounds like an awesome shop. I love these photos.