Feb 23, 2016

61 degrees in February

Here in NY, we enjoyed a balmy 61 degrees this past Saturday, aka no-socks-needed weather. I took the opportunity to bare my ankles and break in my new slides, which are amusingly named 'Alicek slide loafers'. It's also been a while since I've worn a simple white shirt (mostly because my clumsiness has gotten way worse and if I can get through a meal without a stain, it's a huge victory). This one here is from Margaret Howell and has a nice boyfriend fit without looking too oversized.

I have to rave about these jeans too and vent about the ridiculous (self-inflicted) ordeal I went through in settling on a size for them. I've been hunting for the right pair of high-rise distressed boyfriend jeans for the longest time. All of my old ones were super low-rise and I've since purged them all from my closet, because low-rise is just not a cut that works for my proportions. I've ordered and returned countless pairs that didn't work for me. Finally, I saw these online and immediately ordered them in a 24, my usual size. After trying them on, I decided that they were too uncomfortable when I sat down in them. They fit everywhere else just fine but were tight in the hips. So back in the mail they went, and I ordered a 25. Those felt pretty good, much looser in the hips/waist for sure, buuut also almost too loose in the thighs. I figured I'd keep them for a week or two and try them on every so often to see if I still felt good about them. I think all my trying them on stretched them out because a week into owning them, I could stick out the waist a good 2 inches when I tugged on it. Gah! Yet I remember the 24s being so darn tight. So why was the difference between just one size up and down so significant?

I finally went into the damn AG store in Soho to try them on and ask a sales associate's opinion. He said never to size up for comfort with their jeans because they do break in and get baggy. Well ok then! Bought the 24 in store along with the same cut in this lighter wash, went back home and packed up the 25 to return. I'm pretty lazy about in-store shopping so I do tend to do most of my clothing purchases online, but with jeans, it's just so hard to know!

In other news, I've been sporting new glasses lately, courtesy of David Kind. What I love is that they can add nosepads to the styles (I'm wearing the Richmond here), and my very flat Asian nose definitely appreciates that. It was almost too warm for this Everlane wool trench but perfect weather to do the half-slip-off-one-shoulder blogger look. I can't help but play into that because it really does reveal your outfit underneath better, but no one pulls it off like the masters Margaret and Shini.


Jeans // Coat c/o // Glasses c/o // Slides // Shirt (a similar option)


  1. You look beautiful! Can you share the deets on that bag?

  2. You look beautiful! Can you share the deets on that bag?

  3. Such beautiful well tailored items <3


  4. Love the look! You have a great style dear :*

    xxx ria

  5. Amazing look - this weather is really incredible!
    x. Mirjam