Feb 11, 2016

Wardrobe basics: the bomber jacket

Is it just me, or has pretty much every brand out there released a version of the MA-1 bomber jacket this season? I'm not complaining because I've recently converted to loving the style and think it's a super versatile and comfortable piece to own as a staple.

[Old Uniqlo bomber // Ankle Boots // Jeans // Tee]

The one I'm wearing here is actually a circa 2013 men's Uniqlo piece that hasn't been available for a while, but it's surprisingly warm and was perfect for a recent flight where I went from freezing-ass NY to warm Mexico. It allowed me to forgo wearing a heavy coat that would have been completely unnecessary for the destination.

But I've scoured the Internet and picked a few current options in this style (with gratuitous commentary below):
-The olive color of this one got my attention – I only wish the back weren't ribbed!
-Another olive option that I really love. The silhouette is different from the classic but I'm into it.
-If you want to shop the men's section, this one looks pretty similar to the one I'm wearing and has simple clean lines.
-A classic version from the brand that mainstreamed the style.
-And for the person who has an unlimited budget, THIS one by Vetements is far too cool. I actually tried it on recently and it feels pretty glorious to the touch.

Now if only it were warm enough to wear them right now...


  1. Cute and casual. Love it!


  2. Looove bomber jackets. Classic, but in a casual, jeans and combat boots kind of way (aka my kinda jacket). Thanks for sharing!

  3. It's all over in Japanese magazines. Glad it's a thing though.

  4. Love the classic bomber! I recently got hooked on this small company out of Washington state (http://www.olgaroad.com) that takes old leather trenches and repurposes them into modern leather jackets. They have a bomber that I loved, even though I went for one without the ribbing. Seems like they're moving on from this venture, so I think when they're gone, they're gone.

  5. I have one question.Can we wear this jacket in this season?I saw many girls with jacket without season so it looks out of fashion. Thanks for sharing.