Aug 27, 2010

When I dip you dip we dip...

I wasn't the official photographer for the wedding last weekend, but thought I'd share a fun shot from the first dance. I felt like I could have gotten better shots, but after being somewhat harshly reprimanded by the official photog earlier in the day, I kept my distance :P. C'est dommage.

Totally inappropriate title from a Freak Nasty song, but I couldn't resist haha.


  1. unless you were blocking his shots or interfering with the photographer, who was he to say anything to you. his job is to shoot the wedding and not worry about what the guest are doing.

    i love your photos.

  2. this is an awesome shot. perhaps you should start being the official photog? =)

  3. Guh. The only time I've ever had to remind people that I'm the official photographer is if they're getting in the way of my shots. Anything beyond that is just plain rude. He/She probably just felt threatened by you. :)

    Also, the title is spot on.

  4. What a wonderful shot! I'm sorry to hear that our photographer was mean to you. Not cool! I'd love to see more photos from you.

  5. As a wedding photographer myself I can understand that when someone interferes with me performing my duties as a professional it can be very frustrating, however, I would NEVER "harshly reprimand" a guest for taking photos.

    Any photographer who assumes that other family members/guests won't take photos is very naive.