Aug 29, 2010

East Village eats

Have recently slacked in food postings! Here's a quick afternoon in the East Village.

I haven't had Neapolitan-style pizza since I went to Kesté in the West Village a few months back. Great gobs of cheese and incredibly fresh tomatoes. Yum.

The soft-serve sampler allows you to try the cereal milk, creamed corn, purple drink, and bbq sauce flavors. I must say, while the texture is great, I can really only stomach the tame cereal milk flavor. I mean, really, bbq sauce flavored ice cream?? No, thank you.

Motorino | 349 East 12th Street
Momofuku Milk Bar | 207 2nd Ave


  1. Okay, the pizza I can definitely get into. Savory ice-cream sounds interesting, at least to try. Assume the flavor profile changes if it freezes.

  2. really dig that wall! The sampler looks really yummy.

  3. Just the phrase "bagel bomb" makes my stomach crave some carby-goodness. These photos are absolutely wonderful.

  4. Absolutely love this style of processing (or lack of... SOOC?) and the text written unpretentiously across the photos themselves is very stylish! Great post! :)