Aug 12, 2010

This is not reality

I have really fond memories of Puerto Rico and I recently went through my old pictures (Spring 2008) and pulled these out. I wasn't really into photography then, so I was pleasantly surprised I managed to find some blog-able shots :).

I haven't had a tropical vacation in a while, and I'm suddenly really craving one. I would also love to sail in the Mediterranean. Maybe someday.

I loved the colorful facades in San Juan. So very charming. I would really love to go back to these streets with my current aesthetic appreciation.

Old San Juan was just magical. The sun rays were ridiculous through the clouds. Something I've always loved is just being reminded of how small I am when I see a scene like this. The world keeps spinning no matter what kind of hardships we go through. All we can do is try to stay in pace. There's no use dwelling on upsetting memories. Pick up and move on.


  1. The first trip I took even out of my state was to Costa Rica, and I do this all the time, too. It's almost like clockwork, I get an itch to go back and reminisce on old photos. These shots are fantastic, btw, for someone who hadn't yet been bitten by the proverbial bug!

  2. I totally agree with Kim that your photographs are amazing considering you weren't even interested in photography at the time. Definitely a natural gift! :)

    My fav photo is in your last collage, second row on the right. Those sun rays are beautiful!