Aug 6, 2010

Kept alive

It's been a while since I've had fresh flowers in my room, but it's always fun to re-process some oldies.

Hydrangeas aren't on my short-list of favorite flowers, but I do love the creamy clean feeling about them. And they'd make perfect centerpieces on a nice sleek glass coffee table that I don't have :P.

Sunflowers from graduation, the orchids that lived for longer than I can remember, and the first peonies of this year.

Definitely about time I get some new colorful blooms for my room! It's too bad my favorites are out of season.


  1. that first photo is incredibly beautiful. i rarely have fresh flowers in the house because of the cats, but you've inspired me to try and change that! so gorgeous.

    xo Alison

  2. i adore having fresh flowers in my room. although it doesn't happen often, as i leave the flowers in the vase too long and it gets all nasty and i hate cleaning it out. heh.

    beautiful photos!

  3. hehe, so sile and I told Dad that we haven't received flowers in like forever. and we just passed a flower stand, he was like okay let me buy you some. Then we told him it didn't count because we had to tell him to... sad that men don't buy flowers for dates anymore :(

  4. it's so lovely to have fresh flowers at home, isn't it. we have them all the time, and I love it.

    oh and by the way, those photos are beautiful. :-)

  5. lovely shots, I adore hydrangeas :)