Aug 5, 2010

The theme of this summer seems to be tasting menus

What I love especially about tasting menus (other than the fact that they take care of my indecisiveness) is that they force me to try foods I might not have voluntarily opted for. I'm all about the adventurous eating these days, and I finally discovered that octopus is quite good when done properly (I'm still not a fan of squid though), and I tried rabbit for the first time. Here's what a 10 course tasting looks like at Degustation in the East Village.

I learned my lesson from Daniel to pace myself better, especially with the wine (love the gigantic goblets by the way), and I successfully avoided intense food coma-ing. Win!

The open kitchen you sit around is really neat. I could totally just watch them prepare food all night. Loved this, overall.


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