Aug 16, 2010

"I should just go home right now"

That's what I mostly jokingly thought last night when at Gramercy Tavern, I got the dreaded "Change battery pack" message on my trusty point and shoot. It was pretty tragic. RM's iPhone 4G camera saved my night.

Summer Tasting Menu was something like:
1) Marinated Sea Scallops
2) Crab Soup (this was oh my godddd good)
3) Smoked Trout (holy tenderness!!)
4) Guinea Hen
5) Veal Loin & Suckle
6) We had two desserts and I don't remember exactly the names, but the icy one was fantastic and just the right amount of lightness for my sated belly.
7) I'm really starting to love the after dessert desserts. This time we left no petit four untouched.
8) Also love when we get take homes. The cinnamon crumb coffee-cake-like muffin was the perfect morning snack. Best muffin I can remember having in a long time.
9) Yay, great company. :)

Gramercy Tavern | 42 East 20th

1 comment :

  1. Another lovely evening.

    When looking at a good (after-dessert) dessert spread, have you ever considered licking your finger and laying dibs? I have...

    Batteries, the bane of modernity.