Aug 20, 2010

The little pink blouse that could

Do you ever keep an item of clothing simply because it is photogenic? That's how I feel about this thrifted sheer pink blouse I've kept around but rarely ever wear. It all began with this shot and then this. Oh yeah, made an appearance here (worn solely for the purposes of the shot). And in a weird meta way, again over here. Ok, did not intend this post to be a shameless link self-promotion! It's a little too frilly and pink for my clothing tastes (I'd live in grey, black, navy and white if I could), but I won't be getting rid of it anytime soon. It just begged to be photographed with my Polaroid. ;)

Sadly, one pack from my last film purchase on eBay was completely ruined and unusable. I suppose that's the kind of chance you need to be willing to take. This pack (Polaroid 779 film expired in 2005) looked to be stored improperly as well, but it's kind of fun that you won't know what to expect with each pack.

I'll leave this post appropriately with this romantic image from the portfolio of Adam Bartos. Love the mood evoked here.

Happy weekend! I'll be off to a wedding in PA. I'm excited to finally attend one as a guest (though I have a feeling my hands won't be idle...).

1 comment :

  1. that's certainly a gorgeous blouse :)

    we have a few things like that, my grandmother's faux fur coat for one - & it doesn't even fit any of us properly :)