Aug 13, 2010

Wednesday night traditions

This summer, every other Wednesday, I got to meet up with two of my lovely high school girlfriends to catch up over drinks and dinner. Despite everyone's busy schedules, it's worthwhile to keep up with people you've known for over 10 years. :)

This was our last summer dinner, at The Orchard in the LES. It's too bad the lighting was a garish orange in the restaurant. Though it doesn't look appetizing in the following pictures, the food was actually quite delicious. Simple and familiar flavors, but done very well. We stuck with the appetizer menu and had filet mignon lettuce wraps, mushroom flatbread, short ribs flatbread, and tuna tartare that was served with plantain chips. I polished off the majority of our two desserts on my own. No surprise there.

Haha one of my pet peeves is when ankles are cut off in pictures. Definitely think waiters and hostesses should be trained in photography as well. ;)

The Orchard | 162 Orchard Street

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