Oct 21, 2010

Weekend lunch done right

A recent lunch at momofuku ssäm bar was extremely filling (well, what else is new?) but so flavorful and great. First of all, I MUST find a place I can buy this "Ting" grapefruit soda. It is unbelievably refreshing, though unfortunately rather calorie-dense...not that that has ever stopped me. We ordered from the prix-fixe and added a special bun they were offering that day that sounded super rich and fatty. We ended up with spicy honeycomb tripe, the pork buns, spicy rice cakes, and pork cotechino. I really enjoyed the tripe and everything else overall. It was very pork-heavy which sometimes doesn't sit too well with me, but it was all delicious.

I also love the cocktails here. :D

momofuku ssam bar | 207 2nd Ave


  1. Why does it look like you're the only ones there?

  2. I've never heard of Ting but I did a quick Google search and saw that it's Jamaican - you might have better luck finding the Mexican Jarritos soda, the Toronja (grapefruit) flavor is my absolute favorite, and I always got one when I went to taco trucks back home. They're available in a lot of grocery stores, too, big or small. Mandarin Lime is also a flavor that's worth dying for. :P

  3. those rice cakes are like crack.