Oct 13, 2010

A weekend like no other (part iv)

All right, this is the final installment of my voracious weekend. Sunday involved an impromptu brunch at Boqueria, a Spanish tapas place in Soho. This was actually supposed to be a light brunch, as I knew I had an early dinner reservation that night, but you can see from the pictures this didn't quite fit that bill.

I pretty much ate that whole plate of blistered shishito peppers. The waiter warned us they were pretty hot this time of year, but I threw caution to the wind. The first pepper I had was unrepresentatively spicy of the rest of the plate, so I was nearly scared away. However, the rest were delicious - simply prepared and with a bit of sea salt.

Later that evening, I headed to A Voce Madison to meet up with my childhood friend (i.e., my Daniel dining companion! :)). Well, A Voce is obviously no Daniel (probably can't even use them in the same sentence), but it was nice to catch up with an old friend. I think something in this meal pushed me over the edge, as I had a pretty rough night that felt like food poisoning or food allergies, though I am not aware of any food allergies I might have. Anyway, my liquid/fruit detox diet hardly lasted 5 hours on Monday...and I am back to a more or less "normal" diet for now.

I seriously need to not blog about food for a while. Perhaps I should just leave the camera at home next time (pft, who am I kidding?).

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  1. Hi!
    I love reading your blog.
    I wanna see you try Wafels and Dinges.
    Post some photos if ever you could. =)
    I'll be expecting. =)