Oct 6, 2010

Eleven Madison Park, we meet again

With great pleasure, as expected. I didn't think I would be returning so soon, but after this article in the NYTimes came out a month ago, I was curious about the new menu format. A friend managed to snag a 7pm reservation for four (also about a month ago), and I eagerly and impatiently waited for last night's meal.

Our menu looked something like this:
Beet | Crab | Langoustine | Foie Gras
Endive | Potato | Sole | Lobster
Chicken | Pork | Squab | Beef
Chevre | Apple | Hazelnut | Chocolate

And what can I really say that isn't stating the obvious? Everything still blows me away, a little. I love the surprises in the amuse-bouches; we had an interesting baked potato tea, and whatever foamy concoction was in that eggshell was heavenly. The plating is artsy and lovely. My beef encrusted in bone-marrow was simply fantastic - you could actually taste what pure good beef tastes like. The after- dessert desserts are always a treat, even when you come to expect them. Service is nearly perfect.

Well, let's get to the goods - the pictures I took at a cringe-worthy ISO 6400.

(Not ALL of these dishes were mine, by the way!)

Signed copy of the menu! :)

I also took home a Mason jar of their house granola that was seriously out of this world. Some caramel and slightly salty goodness and a crunch so perfect I couldn't tear my hands away from the jar. My coworkers didn't believe me when I told them they HAD to try this granola...that is, until they experienced the glorious magic themselves.

Daniel Humm, you are a rockstar.
And also very tall.


  1. Major food-envy. Trying to work out that beef item...?

    They filter their wine; doesn't anyone decant with a candle, anymore? Something special to watch when done right.

    Nice going with the shooting. Very impressed with the quality you got.

  2. Mine doesn't even go up to 6400!

  3. um jealous. take me next time please.

  4. Very fancy -- but didn't seem like there was enough food on the plate lol. I like that sometimes because then you have room for everything else!

  5. oh man, all of that looks SOOO delicious!

  6. I really love the lighting!
    It creates such a lovely mood ;D