Oct 3, 2010

Garden of eatin'

Whenever I come across colorful gardens like this, I feel like I've hit a jackpot of sorts. I get this adrenaline rush because there is so much around to appreciate, so much for my senses to feast on, and of course, so much to capture! The following series of pictures was taken at the East Brunswick Community Garden during my visit home. If you don't have your own backyard, you can buy a plot (for just $10) in the public garden and harvest away. The sun was a little trickster today, and I know I looked ridiculous when it finally went away for a few seconds, and I HAULED ASS over to the flower beds so I could get them without the harsh shadows and overblown highlights. Anyway, I took well over 200 pictures (no surprise there) - here is a somewhat random selection of them:


  1. I'm picturing you scrambling and tripping over plants and fences while people stare at you.

  2. beautiful series.
    It's funny how taking photos makes you look at the light differently - & get excited when its nice :)

  3. Stunning photos as always!
    I love community gardens. I was never able to truly appreciate them until I helped grow my own this summer! Definitely an undertaking, but definitely, definitely worth it!

  4. This is such a hippie place. Relaxing and beautiful though.....it looks like a great place for picnic.

  5. I know that feeling of excitement and expectation when the light hits the right spot... I simply can't help keeping my finger off the shutter until that picture.
    Nice pictures and liking some of the soft focus

  6. amazing collage! $10 - that seems like a bargain! but the nice thing must've been the variety of different types of gardens there grown by different people. i'd have that same rush of excitement too! so many images that i love here. the message on that engraved rock is so lovely - reminds me to be kind even in a crazy hectic day like today.

  7. hi dear, i love your style! i like the way you insert the photos in this kind of collage!
    and the subject are amazing, soft and peaceful :)
    please, if you like, take a look on my blog!

  8. This morning while I am drinking my coffee and reading your blog, I've read a couple of posts and I love the comparison from your NYC Grand Central Station photographs with the blurred motion and the high space feeling you get when looking at them to the quiet and calm feeling I get when admiring your country garden photos.

    Your style compliments both types of life so beautifully.