Oct 11, 2010

A weekend like no other (part ii)

I gotta face it. My body is not as resilient as I'd like it to be. It feels defeated and it's making me pay. But, let's continue with what kind of abuse (divine gluttony?...Potato potahto?) I put it through in the past few days.

The Monday Room at Public is a really great chill place for small plates and wine. It wasn't that crowded on a Thursday night and it had the perfect amount of a comforting background hubbub. I had just inhaled the biggest frozen yogurt concoction ever from the cafe Forty Carrots at Bloomingdales - bigger than all of these pictured here, so I wasn't particularly hungry.

We decided on a white wine flight and asked for food pairings (a bit opposite from the norm, but fun no less). We ended up with scallops, trout, and duck, all very tasty and nicely proportioned. I seem to enjoy sandwiching my savory meals in between desserts, as we had a chocolate espresso cake and "The Monday Room chocolates" after it all.

Seems relatively tame and moderate, right? But oh, it continues. No pictures from Friday night, but that consisted of good old Mark sliders, fries, and lots o' beer.

We can fast forward a bit to Saturday afternoon at Terroir Tribeca, where they just started serving a brunch menu this weekend. I'm kicking myself for shooting the menu at such a f1.8 because now I can't read what was in my drink that was so delicious. Oops.

Later that evening, we sorely regretted having this meal at all...you will soon see why.


  1. It's amazing you were able to take such low light shots.

  2. Wow. Ow. Rather dreading the "you will soon see why" part.

    Appetizers, wine, beer, sliders, inhale...oh dear.

    Great job shooting it, even the blurry menu; good come-on to make people go themselves.

  3. I love the first lot of photos! The dish under the menu look yummmm!!!

    I can't wait for part (iii) of your weekend! More food porn :D

  4. That looks super yummy! Great pictures!

  5. Ah! Each time you post, my stomach growls with envy! Haha
    Great photos as always!