Oct 29, 2010

Highbrow and lowbrow at Le Parker Meridien

Undeterred by the description in my NY Times app that Knave serves "one of New York's most expensive cappuccinos," we headed to the Parker Meridien to see why its cafe landed a spot on THE list. The soaring ceilings and dark moody corridor contrasted greatly with the bright and airy foyer of the main lounge area. Definitely a beautiful space but maybe not so "cafe" like in the traditional sense. Oh, and the cappuccino? $6. Very well made though. As long as you're not coming here every day for a cappuccino, it seems all right for a single occasion type thing. :P

The macchiato came with a perfect little heart. It's funny how it looks like the same size as the cappuccino in these pictures.

After enjoying the plush seats, we headed over to the Burger Joint in the hotel, which is nestled in an unexpected little corner, totally tucked away from normal view. It's a bit Soup-Nazi-like there; you have to order exactly as they specify and if you don't order correctly you are sent to the back of the line. No pressure or anything...though I didn't see this actually happen to anyone.

We grabbed our order and headed to Central Park to nom on burgers and fries and check out some colorful leaves in the process. Nothing super special or exciting but good eats nonetheless. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday if you ask me.

Knave | 118 W 57th Street
Burger Joint | 19 W 56th Street


  1. Which lens did you use for these pictures? They're awesome :)

  2. I would love to spend my Sunday like that!

  3. I've been to Burger Joint before - the food is amazing and I love how it's so tucked away. It's like a hidden treasure chest of deliciousness, lol.

    Ps: I love your blog so much! it's very inspiring.

  4. $6?! I definitely agree that if it's delicious, it's good for a once in a while thing.

    the building does look gorgeous though!

  5. Man, if this doesn't sound like the perfect NYC weekend, I don't know what does. I have a serious case of NYC wanderlust right now.

  6. Man oh man! I am just a little behind in your blog posts gbiggie! But is sure makes for one nice study break :) that burger sure looks good. YUM :D