Oct 31, 2010

Chemex love

The first cafe stop of the day (literally went to three serious coffee places today) was Ground Support in SoHo. It is very much still reminiscent of the art gallery that used to be there with its vaulted sky-lighted ceilings and airy feeling. I.e., perfect for pictures!

Single-origin Kenya and Papua New Guinea brewed Chemex style accompanied by some pre-coffee chocolate treats and a "turkey picnic" sandwich was a perfect start (albeit a late one) to a sunny and brisk Sunday.

Ground Support | 399 West Broadway


  1. Good to know about Ground Support. Will check it out when we're there in a few weeks. :)

  2. I definitely want to check this place out!

  3. I adore your processing. Those Chemex glasses are so awesome and photogenic.

  4. love the third shot, everything in it looks tasty.

  5. The past weekend I was in the City for less than 20 hours for an open house. I thought I would check out some of the coffee shop you mentioned in your blog and Ground Support was one of my first picks because of its location.

    For some reasons, when I got to 401 West Broadway, there was no sign of 399 or a coffee shop whatsoever. Either the map app on my phone is wrong or I missed the shop right when I was there.

    Oh well, I guess stuff happened. I did however visited RBC, had a drip coffee and a chocolate croissant before heading out to where I needed to be.