Nov 1, 2010

Tea and omakase

It's hard to believe it's November already. That, and the fact that it was 37 degrees this morning. Yeech. I always like to think I'm a winter person until it actually becomes winter. Anyway, I wanted to share a piece of last Saturday evening which was spent at a tearoom we stumbled upon in the East Village and then gorging on way too much sushi a few doors down at Jewel Bako.

This tearoom definitely has a lot of character and charm. It's a great place to linger. I think we tried a toasted green vanilla tea which was smooth and wonderful. I felt a little bit like I was attending the Mad Tea Party in Alice in Wonderland. :)

So this behemoth collage below is an idea of the sushi omakase at Jewel Bako (not even the most intense option on the menu!). After spoiling my sushi palate from the likes of Sushi Yasuda, Sushi Azabu and Kanoyama, I was quite happy with the sushi here. I've usually only had my iPhone as camera during these tastings since there isn't much variety plating wise, but decided to go all out capturing this one. I count 17 pieces...oof. Not something you can stomach every day, that's for sure.

Sitting at the bar is always the way to go at these places.

Podunk | 231 E 5th Street
Jewel Bako | 239 E 5th Street


  1. How cute does that tea place look! I wish we had something like that around here. And all that sushi... yum!

  2. the tea room look so awesome - love those teapots :)

  3. oh i think i've walked past podunk before and thought it was really cute. and that sushi dinner looks ridiculous. i also like sushi of gari, if you are looking for another place to try!

  4. This place feels like home, actually.