Nov 15, 2010

Hearth, Terroir, and an odd request

These dinners took place on November 3rd and October 25th respectively. Whoops, major slacking on my end. Hearth and Terroir are two solid places that I have enjoyed immensely in previous visits too, but Terroir especially holds a little special place in my heart for a reason maybe a tiny handful of my readers know about. :)

With the return of the tasting menu at Hearth, we were eager to revisit. I don't have pictures from my first visit in September, but what I particularly remember is a salad that I would happily eat plates and plates of every day- not really something you can say of most salads. The salad this time was also really well put together and I ate through it and the bread (which is addictive) heartily. I remember a lot of nuts (pistachios and hazelnuts) in this meal, which was great. I think I only wished that the portions were a tad smaller; by the time we got to the seriously good savory dishes, I was leaving food behind on the plate (blasphemous, I know). The dessert was a sort of apple donut and it just about knocked my socks and boots off. I don't get that excited about many restaurant dessert offerings anymore, and I can say this was one of the best I've had in a while. This put Doughnut Plant donuts to shame.

We didn't get a chance to sit at the chef's counter so I guess another visit is in order? A fate worse than death! </sarcasm>

Backtracking some more, I had posted a while ago about this fantastic drink (the Pembrokeshire) I had at Terroir's brunch. Somehow it made its way out there on the twitterverse and @terroirNY jokingly suggested I bring a growler in and fill it up with said drink. How could I pass up such a proposition? So, a growler I got. This required a little shamelessness but in the end, all was well. Thanks, Nicole and Steven!

Mm this is how bar food should be. I distinctly remember having eaten dinner #1 before coming here but I could not resist any of these dishes. As per the menu instructions, we put our "ass in the seat" and let them feed us. Never a disappointment here.

Hearth | 403 East 12th Street
Terroir Tribeca | 24 Harrison Street


  1. I spy Founder's on tap! They're from Michigan :)

    Growlers are the best. Great photos!

  2. Apple donut...? Zomg. You're totally inspiring me to try out new places just for the (foodie) adventure of it.

  3. Good size one; you don't screw around. Love the seating suggestion.

    Great shooting and descriptions. Not sure now if I would call you a food blogger; maybe "Alice ate here!" is enough.

  4. Yum! Everything looks so delicious, as usual.

    I love the menu from Terroir Tribeca haha

  5. i loved hearth when i went there a few years back - definitely one of my top restaurants in nyc. haven't made it to terroir yet though! adding that to my list...