Nov 22, 2010

Us crazy photographers

A band of slightly insane photographers united this past weekend and shot the hell out of each other. It all started Friday night at Cabrito...

Since I had to shuffle off to my next dinner that night, I didn't get to stick around for long, but it was great fun to meet Daniel Krieger (whose work I've admired on Eater!) and Jennifer Sosa (whose wedding work I love).

Early on Sunday, we reconvened in the West Village, and were later joined by a few more faces. I somehow managed the day in 4+ inch heels! We discovered a great alleyway near a fire station and made quite a bit of commotion there, when a fireman poked his head out the door and screamed angrily, "WHAT THE F- is going on out here?" We all sort of stopped dead and meekly explained we were just tourists taking photos, when the angry guy was like, "Yeahhh I'm just messing with y'all" and went back inside. Good times, good times. Two coffee shops and a tapas brunch later, we had to part and head back to reality.

Seriously so so great to hang out with all of you fun and amazing photographers! I feel so lucky to know all of you and to have been shot by you guys. I don't even care that this blog post took me ~4 hours to put together. Heheh, much love to all of you, and hope we can do it in the near future - SF trip, anyone? :)

P.S. Check out everyone's work:


  1. I absolutely LOVE these shots :)
    It was really great being able to meet/shoot with you again!

  2. What a fun post!

    I am proud to say that I know/have met most of these wonderful people. You're next to meet/shoot with next time I am in NYC, Ms Alice!! :)

  3. You are amazing. Thank you for taking such beautiful shots of us. We def look like a photography family. :)

  4. beautiful was great meeting you.

  5. so glad we were all able to hang out this weekend...such skill gathering for a massive creative mashup. this set is great alice!

  6. Viewing this collection brought me right back.

    No question - this collage was worth all of the effort you put into creating it.

    There's nothing quite as good as passing a late autumn day in NYC with fellow photofreaks.

    Next time, SF!

  7. Seth and I were just discussing during our commute home tonight, how much fun it was to meet up with you fantastic NYC photogs.

    You are all so chill, and down to earth people. Thanks for carving out some of your time to trek around the magical city of NYC with us SF'ers.

  8. You are conspicuously absent from any of these.

  9. love these photos - such nice tones and buttery depth!

  10. These are pretty much my favorite tones ever. And how fun does this outing look?! Very cool.

  11. looks like you had heaps of fun :)

  12. Um, forget SF! May I please interject and say that there is a perfectly awesome city in Oregon that is dying to have even a fraction of the action you guys get! COME TO PORTLAND! ;)

    Seriously though, these shots are fantastic and it looks like you guys had a rockin' good time.

  13. Great series of photos! Looks like you guys had fun