Nov 18, 2010

Stone barns, polaroid edition

I meant to post these a while ago (ugh I'm slacking pretty badly recently) - polaroids taken during the weekend trip to Stone Barns. I used a pack of the Edge Cut 600 film, which I bought when the Impossible Project was selling a limited batch. It was a bit chilly that day for ideal polaroid developing temperature so I tried to stick them under my armpits (heh) to get them out of the cold. Most of them came out all right, but as you can see, something weird happened in the last shot. I was pretty upset because I loved the way the light was shining through the trees and on that leaf, and by the time I realized the photo messed up I had moved far from that tree and might not have been able to set up the shot exactly again. You can still sort of tell that it would have been a cool shot. :P

The chickens were funny. They followed us around completely unfazed, and one of them undid JJ's shoelaces hah.


  1. I actually love the last shot, it's like the light is blinding me but in a gorgeous way.

  2. I've missed your frequent blogger updates :D I always look forward to admiring your beautiful photos every few days :)

    Really unfortunate that the last photo didn't come out properly :\ But it's still quite gorgeous <3

    LOL! You're such a clever cookie for putting the polaroids under your armpits LOLL XD

  3. These polas are so nice; the landscape here was just perfect for them. I never knew about the temperature affecting their development!

  4. To be honest, I still love the last shot. Looks lovely.(They all do.)

    I've been meaning to order film from The Impossible Project...

  5. i love the vintage looks of polaroids. beautiful set, alice! very nicely composed.