Nov 16, 2010

West and east

It is fast becoming too cold to comfortably eat outdoors now, but here are the remnants of warmer weather captured in these outdoor seating areas. I just can't seem to walk by setups like these without itching to get my finger on the shutter.

It should come as no surprise that these were all seen in the West Village.

Of course, the East Village is great too, so densely packed with all sorts of great food (especially of the late-night-drunken variety), cafes, and boutiques. And scenes/streets like this one:

I feel like it doesn't get much more quintessentially autumn in New York than something like this.


  1. Your last sentence -- pretty much a 1000x over.

    I don't know how you always have so many pretty shots to post everyday! I can muster up like 2 a month. Ha! NY must be so gorgeous.

  2. love love love your images!! just adore your processing and composition!!

  3. Great way to bring it home. It's still "run around half-naked on the beach" weather here.

  4. hehe "run around half-naked on the beach weather" - love that phrase.

    p.s. alice you have to take me to some of these restaurants you take pictures of (i'm still fairly new to the city so i don't know all the great places yet). they make me crave food all the time.