Nov 2, 2010

Seeing red (chili, that is)

Yes, you're getting two posts in one night! I had heard much about Sripraphai (see-PRA-pie, if you will), an authentic Thai restaurant in Woodside, Queens, and tonight I mustered up some coworkers to join me in the trek out of Manhattan. Now, I don't venture off this island very much at all, so there must be something extraordinary to lure me away.

After a pretty quick ride on the 7, we arrived at the restaurant thanks to the help of our Sripraphai veteran (hi, Lauren!). The menu is ridiculously extensive, and I just do not deal very well when given too many choices. Eventually, we ordered vegetable curry puffs, fried pork and crabmeat rolls, a duck salad, and fried vegetable dumplings to start. I loved the curry puffs, especially the extra crispy parts of pastry puff. All the food was brought out really quickly, and soon our table was populated with my roasted duck in curry sauce, vegetable drunken noodles, some sea trout curry dish, and crispy pork belly. I had read that the "spicy" level of spicy makes you want to cry and die a bit, so I went with the "medium," which by many other standards would be considered "very spicy." I mean, just look at all this red! (I note that the spice didn't overwhelm the actual nicely balanced flavors of the dish.)

No doubt, I would make the pilgrimage out here again.

Sripraphai | 64-13 39th Avenue, Woodside, NY


  1. Omg... I love Thai food so, so much. All these little dishes are killing me! And I love that you still took lots of photos even with coworkers there. I haven't worked up the courage to show many people how many pictures I take of food. :)

  2. Bonus coverage of Alice's wonderful photos and food nom-age; Win!

    And I looked before lunch, again. Bad idea if you don't want to get stuffed for the afternoon at work. Wait, that didn't sound right...

    Good stuff, Alice. Please keep it going.

  3. You somehow always leave me feeling hungry and jealous after reading your posts... ARGH. Hahaha. That seriously looks so good... I love spicy asian food, can't get enough of it. The fried pork and crab meat rolls sound amazing.

  4. You are soooo Good!