Oct 17, 2010

A 10-course, revisited

A little special occasion for a friend had me back at Degustation. It was a superb experience all around, once again. I love that you don't feel disgustingly full even after 10+ plates of food. I was happy to see the scrambled egg served in egg shell still there. The rabbit terrine I probably could have done without, but I am definitely still affected by knowing what my food is and the idea of a little rabbit hopping around...yeahh. Same sentiment for the fried sweetbreads. The last savory dish was a wagyu beef (I think) with shaved foie gras in a wonderful beef consommé. The caramelized brioche bun over grapefruit for dessert is absolutely marvelous. Ugh it is so great it kills me a little.

Oh yes, and stay tuned for pictures from the wedding. It was a challenging experience but a lot of fun as well. I seriously think I might be too short for wedding photography...


  1. Umm... you don't feel disgustingly full... o_O

    Looks good, though; great shooting. And maybe you should invest in or arrange for a ladder.

  2. Did I ever say that you really excel at shooting food?!

    Looking forward to seeing some of your wedding pics and more of your thoughts on that first one :)

  3. Hah! At a whopping 4'11", sometimes I feel too short for it, too. You just need to invest in a good, lightweight stepping stool! So excited to see your results!

    Also, your comment about still being affected by knowing where your food comes from is exactly what has always kept me from eating foie gras. It looks marvelous, but knowing how it's made, I just can't do it... :(

  4. Looks sooooo yummy. I've never had any "course" meals, but I would love to try one some day