Oct 10, 2010

A weekend like no other (part i)

I cannot even begin to describe the gluttony that took place this weekend. Given how I usually eat and my usual excess, this weekend topped even that. I will have to slowly blog through it, but figured I'd start with something easy - two cafe visits in between copious amounts of food and drink.

I had been to Cafe Grumpy once a long while ago, and have been wanting to revisit for a while, but am hardly ever in that area (Chelsea). As I am considering latte art classes, I figured it might be appropriate to check out the latte art here since they do teach them.

Not bad, but not nearly as pretty as the latte art at Caffetteria (see below). I think I'm just much more of a fan of the fern-like art than the more simple heart-shaped one.

I love this place because they serve Blue Bottle Coffee! I happily picked up some Papua New Guinea beans and they smell fantastic even wrapped up in the bag. Ever since I had the New Orleans style iced coffee at the Blue Bottle in Brooklyn, no other iced coffee did it for me. I seriously dream of this iced coffee, so I couldn't not get it at Caffetteria. Luckily my cafe-venturing partner got a VERY photogenic cappuccino so I could satisfy my photo needs.

Oof, my body is definitely rebelling and hurting. I will have to apologize to it and coax it back to the way it was before this weekend started. Fruit/liquid diet shall commence...we'll see how well that goes.

Cafe Grumpy | 224 West 20th Street
Caffetteria | 147 Sullivan Street


  1. Ooh! Is this in Louisiana? I was down there this July and fell in love! Will have to visit this place the next time I am in town!

  2. thanks for comment dear, now i'm following your blog!
    nice photos, remind me of my breakfast :)

  3. Of course, she starts with coffee.

    Wishing you a healthy recovery from your gastronomic exploits.

  4. I need to see both of these places in person! They look adorable, and the coffee looks delicious!

    Also, I didn't even KNOW you could take latte art classes!

  5. Ohh! These pictures makes me feel so inspired!
    This heart coffe looks so perfect!! :))

  6. makes me want to try these places out! i'm keeping a tab of all the cafes you've been to for my next NYC visit. btw, i think you would do fantastic jobs on engagements and weddings. hope one of these days i'll get to see them on your blog =)

  7. Oh my Alice... I have to admit, I almost try not to read your blog because it makes me far too hungry. You are the ultimate foodie and that is awesome haha! Definitely going to make a list from your blog for my next visit out east!

  8. Ah! These cafes are just too quaint and adorable for me! I LOVE them and the latte art is so inspiring! Almost too picturesque to drink! Wonderful photographs as always!