Oct 25, 2010

Weekend coffee rotation

I don't get to venture too much out of my way for coffee on the weekdays, so I take full advantage of the weekends to work my way down the NY Times list of notable coffee places (now handily integrated into The Scoop app for iPhone). On Saturday afternoon, I headed to Ost Cafe in the East Village. It is a charming space with light just flooding in. The couch area is a nice place to linger but I am a sucker for wooden cafe chairs, as you might have noticed...

Of course, the cappuccino I had was divine. I shall be back.

Ost Cafe | 441 E 12th St


  1. Is this what you call relaxing? Not a bad way to go. Nice set of images.

  2. so so so LOVE your processing!!! what a cool set of images. i wish there was a similar app for LA coffee shops, except there just aren't enough cool coffee shops to fill an app!

  3. Gorgeous gorgeousness!!! Fabulous place, captures and delicious processing!

  4. Ok, I know I am totally spamming you with comments but I'm in love with this post! Your photographs are just gorgeous! The light in that room is delicious! :)