Sep 24, 2010

Umm, are you expecting your guest soon...?

Yes, that's what the waitress at annisa insecurely asked me as I sat there pitifully alone at a table in a very open dining room, well over an hour from the original reservation time. How embarrassing. I was trying not to meet the eyes of the other diners, as they looked similarly sorry for me. Meanwhile, I cannot reach my very late dining companion who I was supposed to be treating, and am debating whether to eat a grand meal by myself anyway to save the harsher embarrassment of just up and leaving. When I finally do get in touch with him, he tells me he's in a cab when he is clearly still at work! Haha, such a dumb lie. All I could try to do was maintain my composure in front of all the diners and try not to draw any attention to myself. Geez, I am a patient/good friend. You definitely owe me, NC. ;)

As for pictures, what a white balance nightmare! Laziness has stopped me from picking up a simple grey card, but it really would have helped here. I shot in AWB and tried to fix the color balance in Photoshop but made everything a little too green. Whoops.

The rest of the night more or less went by in a blur; however, those lychee popsicle palate cleansers were out of this world. I could definitely substitute those for caffeine - so delightfully refreshing.

Perhaps I need to revisit with a better dining experience so I actually remember the food.

annisa | 13 barrow street


  1. Mmmmm- lychee popsicle sounds really delicious. actually, all the food photographed for this dinner look really yummy. i think i wrote about a WB card that i use in another blog post of yours. i love my WB card - totally worth getting it =) i shot many dark indoor photos using it (my museum photos, for example).

  2. Wow, standing up a dinner date, when she's buying. Don't know what to say.

    Glad you survived the trauma to deliver the goods. Have you tried using the white linens (or your hand) as a WB reference?

  3. LOL I have been asked that too!! Shame on our late dinner companions! But furthermore, I think they really thought I was alone bc they placed me right next to this lady who was definitely dining solo. Sad :(