Sep 16, 2010


Life is quickly picking up speed, and it is becoming harder to blog every day. It doesn't help that my now practically defunct Mac cannot handle the kind of programs I use religiously to help me prepare blog material. I would be upset, however, if I could not find the time to keep up with this photo journal, so if it means missing a few ZZZs, I will still happily do it (hello, coffee!). Now if only my computer would cooperate the same.

Here are a few more shots from strolling around the West Village during the great flickr meetup. I have always been taken by the charm of this neighborhood. It is definitely not something you get in Midtown or the Financial District. There is also an abundance of bikes here. I often miss riding a bicycle but am way too clumsy and uncoordinated for the streets of this city. My knees would eat the concrete in no time. The last time I really rode on a regular basis was probably middle school. I suddenly remember how exhilarating hills can be. Anyway, onto the pictures!

Okay, seriously, can I have some metal buckets full of flowers in my room, please? :)


  1. Go get a bucket from Home Depot!

  2. Me and bikes don't get along either, unfortunately. Would save a small fortune on gas, and greatly reduce my carbon footprint.

    Hope life is cranking up in a good way for you.

  3. Your photos are always so lovely! Thank you for sharing these! I love bikes! :)

  4. Alice- all so GORGEOUSLY processed and composed!! What a charming place. Makes me want to visit NY again. Love all of these, esp the 1st one. Glad you are keeping up with the photojournal - I find myself coming back to be delighted over and over again =) Have a super weekend!

  5. That diptych in the third row is just another reason I want to move to NYC! Those neighbourhoods, bicycles, and flowers ... ah! I am speechless - beautiful images.