Sep 8, 2010

A stone's throw away

Governor's Island, that is.

Went here this past Sunday to try to catch the Food Trucks Fest, did half of the city, it seemed. Alas, dreadful, dreadful lines stopped me from getting any food, and I was glad I didn't wait, because I heard of at least a few stories where the food sold out by the time you got to the front of the line. (Man, and I thought the line to the ferry was bad!) Even more than ever now, I miss my Food Truck/Cart go-tos in Philly and am already planning a trip back for one of them in particular. Nonetheless, it was fun to walk around in an area that I had never explored before. Like the Cloisters visit, I felt very much away from the city here. Nice rolling-hills and lush grassy fields. Here are a few scenes.

I couldn't get enough of these kids playing baseball. So cute. Other fun charms hung from trees.

And some rather gratuitous portraits for you. Mirror shot taken in the Etsy store there (did you know a live Etsy store existed??).


  1. Lovely photos as always.
    It's so cool there's an Etsy store, does it just sell an assortment of things from Etsy sellers?

  2. I like how far away Manhattan looks.

  3. beautiful photos, love the kids :)

    a real live etsy store?! wow.

  4. inspiring + beautiful, as usual. photo #5 is sooooo lovely.


    xo Alison

  5. A real live Etsy store?! As Kathryn previously asked, "does it sell an assortment of things from various Etsy sellers?" Oh, that would be my heaven, well that and if they sold ice cream & macaroons! :p

    Governor's Island looks like a nice green space so close to the city! Totally admiring the lush grass and blue skies at this yucky time of the year... it's snowing/raining out my window as I type :(

    Great post!