Sep 9, 2010

Macbooks, lattes, and the NY Times

Just a short post today. I have expressed my love for Kaffe 1668 before but it must be reiterated. Now that I no longer work a block away from this place, I miss it sorely. I don't think there are any single-brewed-cup places near me now. Plus, everywhere I turn my head in this place, I see a lovely photo waiting to be captured, even in the dying late afternoon light. Kaffe 1668, can I take you to Midtown with me, please?


  1. Macbook, lattes, NYT, sounds like a perfect combination! The closes coffee shop near my work is Starbucks. Good thing I like their coffee!

    PS: Did you get a new job?

  2. Your blog is killing me! :)
    I love cafes and small restaurants like the ones you (obviously) do, I love brunches and getting gorgeous photos on top of all that is just too much :)) Seriously, I love it! xo

  3. I am in love your blog! Such a pleasure to read and look through. Cheers to you and good luck!

  4. These images are making my heart smile! I love the top photograph of coffee, laptops and the newspaper... it's perfect!

    Sorry to spam your blog with all my comments but like everyone else who commented, I too am in love with your blog! Thanks for sharing your words & pictures!