Sep 14, 2010

Cindy, Emma, and Seth

A flurry of talent arrived from San Francisco this past week, and I had the privilege of spending a beautiful Saturday with some of my favorite flickr photographers (view their streams here and here, though I am sure you are familiar with their work). I've participated in other informal flickr meetups in the past, and they are always a great amount of fun. It is especially nice to see other photographers' shooting styles and even better, it is a relief when no one in the group cares that we spend a good 20 minutes shooting at the same intersection dodging traffic, because the light is just too perfect and we can't tear ourselves away.

Cindy's daughter, Emma, is by far the coolest (and most photogenic) 16-year-old I know. She also has a head of hair in a to-die-for beautiful shade of red.

I had a hard time choosing pictures (even more than usual) for this post, and I have probably overloaded it. And still, I have plenty left over that I eventually want to share. We started around Union Square, moseyed over to Washington Square Park, lingered in the West Village, and headed up to the High Line, all areas that pretty much always promise good photos.

The Lomo Store walls made perfect backdrops for some portraits. Also, how charming are those little camera keychains! I think between the four of us, we must have had at least a dozen cameras in our hands and bags. Well, that's how we roll.

Ahh, there are too many beautiful streets littered with great light in the West Village. The picture of them outside the puppy store just cracks me up. Haha, that's some real behind the scenes for you all. :)

The rest of the photos from the day, I'm sure, will make their way into some later posts.

Many thanks, flickr, for connecting me to so many inspiring and talented people.


  1. looked like it was a really fun day! these are great images - love the behind-the-scene ones. did you take all of these with a 50mm 1.4?

  2. Oh my, what a day! And who in their right (left?) mind doesn't shoot their food?

    Sweet set, great write up, and just a little gear-porn.

  3. gorgeous series - looks like you had heaps of fun :)

  4. Karleen, it's just with a 50mm 1.8 actually (my very first lens!):P

  5. You really captured how awesome the day was! They are awesome.

  6. Holy smokes, these photos are so amazing! I think my favorites are the one of Emma and Seth (so sweet!) or the one of Emma photographing her ice cream cone (an awkward situation we're all familiar with ;).

    Now we all just have to wait for Cindy and Seth to upload the photos they shot of you! The fun never ends!

  7. The photos are wonderful, Alice.

    Thanks for sharing your whole Saturday with us. I can't wait to start processing my photos.