Sep 2, 2010

Coffee and gelato

Whoops, hate when I accidentally publish a post while I am editing. Sorry for the hiccup to the modest handful of Google reader subscribers out there ;).

Anyway, on an unrelated tangent, can I tell you how difficult it was to format the following collage? I had half a mind to write a system of equations to figure out the proper dimensions. Seriously, it should not have been that hard to get one portrait and three landscapes to fit in a 600 pixel wide rectangle. I felt so dumb, and after much trial and error fiddling it still wasn't perfect and I had to finagle it. What the hell?! Should have just resorted to algebra in the first place. (Sorry, Dad.)

As I just about ran out of my last bag of Roasting Plant beans (of Guatemala origin), I decided to head back for more. This time, I came home with some Costa Rica beans. Just the smell of them is almost enough in the morning. I tried a cappuccino there yesterday, and I would recommend sticking to their coffee. It wasn't bad, but no latte art and you might as well have their specialty. This is definitely not a cozy, lounge around for hours type of place, but the whole roasting beans on the spot is neat to watch.

Of course, no visit to the West Village is ever complete without a stop at L'Arte del Gelato. That, or Cones. I am always the only person getting gelato or ice cream by myself, womp womp.

Roasting Plant | 75 Greenwich Avenue
L'Arte del Gelato | 33 Barrow Street


  1. I'm loving these shots. The quality of your images has gone up dramatically. I WONDER why that is? :D

    You need to make a career out of blogging.

  2. Coffee, sugar and cream. Not in the same cup. I can deal with that. Love the smell of fresh-roasted coffee.

    Posting back-story is both funny and painful. Glad you got through it with minimum damage. Take care, stay safe.

  3. what about the roasting plant cookies?? those are amazing.

  4. i so love visiting your blog. seeing all these coffeeshop pics and all these talks about delicious coffee make me so happy (i'm a proud coffee addict =)