Sep 17, 2010

An intoxicating meal

I must warn you that the photo collage that follows is nearly 6000 pixels in height, heavy in food porn (and charming chefs) and may induce food coma or intense salivation. Let's carry on with that warning in mind.

Aldea is a beautiful space that effortlessly invites overzealous picture-taking. I was shocked to find 177 photos in my upload from one meal - I kid you not. Orchids adorn the sleek dining areas and a well-lit open kitchen anchors the chef's counter, which is where we sat last night. It was engaging and a pleasure to watch George Mendes brood over little details (not that I didn't notice the other talented sous-chefs).

We ordered the tasting menu with wine pairing, and I wanted to try the "Sea Urchin Toast," so we snuck that in there. The cocktails before dinner might have not been a brilliant idea in retrospect. It seems I have forgotten my lesson from Daniel.

I have little faith in my ability to describe/review the plates we had, so I will shamelessly allow the pictures to tell the story. Also, when it takes you over an hour and a half to put together a behemoth collage like this, you don't have too much energy left to do a proper write-up. Excuses, I know. :P

Aldea | 31 W 17th St


  1. Wow, that was an amazing photo-gasmic experience. Good food, wine pairings, and decent light to shoot with. Bravo!

    Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Or at least a few hundred, anyway.

  2. wow- a beautiful feast and each dish looks so delicate! All these pics turned out really nice - the WB is just perfect for this type of indoor lighting. Really love the 2nd one (was that the ceiling light?)

  3. Amazing photo collage! It's definitely a story board for Aldea, serious advertising here! Did you go into the kitchen for those shots of the chef or was in open that you could sneak a few pics? Either way, your photos rock!