Sep 7, 2010

Eating, shopping, eating, shopping, drinking, eating

Well, that's pretty much my Labor Day with my almost-twin friend, Joyce, in a nutshell.

Penelope is a cute eatery in Kips Bay with country-style decorations. There was a 40 minute wait or so but my Penny Egg Sandwich was well worth it. The pesto really made the sandwich. They also have a Nutella French Toast that was calling out my name, but I was feeling savory that day. I do want to return, but I feel like the problem with brunch in the city is that you have it maybe once a week at most and there are always new places I want to try before going back to one.

Shopping in SoHo somehow always, without fail, leads to a Forty Carrots stop. They had a lemon flavor this time that worked well with their regular (usually I think the other flavors swirl horribly). It was reminiscent of a Rita's gelati or custard. Later on, parched, we hopped into Anotheroom in Tribeca. It's more of a moody, romantic candlelit place, but we moved to the table outside and enjoyed the breezy night.

A Thai craving ended the night in Chinatown. My dish resembled Drunken Noodles and was crazy flavorful and spicy. Something about fat soft noodles like this just makes them so easy to go down. I wasn't even hungry to begin with, but before I knew it, I was staring at an almost empty plate.

Gotta love days like these.


  1. Nutella French Toast sounds totally awesome.
    Your food photos never fail to make me hungry.

  2. Nice day, indeed. Thank you for allowing us to indulge vicariously.

  3. All my brain was saying throughout this post was nom nom nom nom.

  4. You have great photos!! Ohh I am craving thai food right now like no other!

  5. You are rocking food photography.